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    Big Time NIL Deal - VQ Podcast

    That's because they can't get rid of all the sticky boogers hangin' around claiming to be their friends and beggin' for money.
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    Tiyon Evans transferring to Louisville

    So... Louisville is a school...right? Thought he didn't like going to class.. wow.
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    So what’s the breakdown on Purdue

    Agree Golf......I don't think Heupel will let them Sleepwalk thru this one.
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    '24 TN LB Mason Curtis

    Mason Curtis.... Come on dooowwwwnnnn !!!!!
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    Thought you Ladies and Gents might like ( LOVE ) this video

    If I tried that, I would more than likely landed on top of the press box and rolled into the top row of bleachers.....
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    Bowl Ticket Prices

    Dang Woods.... I can bring paper plates and dixie cups.. what time?
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    Heupel on Music City Bowl…..

    Do as I say, not as I do...right?
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    Heupel on Music City Bowl…..

    You guys ain't been relevant since Beamer left. Since then it's been Clemson. Look at the gauntlet we and everyone else in the SEC has to negotiate every year. You failed to mention our National many of those you got?
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    The more I watch Bama beat UGA and UF

    Just put them in the POD system and start over when Texas and OU come to town then beat Bammmer in the SECG...
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    Heupel best new coach for 2021?

    i really like Josh Heupel. He did a tremendous job this year. But for a BIG turnaround, look no further than Dave Aranda @ Baylor. Man went from 2-7 to 11 wins this year. He comes across as a humble, quiet guy that lets his staff do their jobs. He's gonna do well there.
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    Will there be a rule change next year for flopping, and if so, what?

    But that would rule out the white players. Ever see "White men can't jump?"
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    The more I watch Bama beat UGA and UF

    We scored as many points on Bammer as did uga. Kirby still can't pull it off.
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    New commit - Jourdan Thomas

    Welcome Jourdan.... glad to see you in orange !!!!
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    Would you like to play Wake Forest

    as I posted earlier, we need to play a team with a statue at QB. classic pocket passer, cause we can't be on the field for long periods and chasing a jackrabbit.

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