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    When does practice start

    Mondays or Thursdays?
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    Strip club

    I cant imagine you'd get balled up wads of cash if you could do it now.
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    USC Game and 5th Wheel Camping (10/09)

    The real action is at Raccoon Valley.
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    '22 TX CG Cason Wallace

    You almost never see a 10 rebound, seven rebound game in this era.
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    JG Merchandise

    Self-awareness seems to be lacking.
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    Potential Mass shooting stopped?

    I stay in Hilton and Marriott frequently and I have not seen regular housekeeping at any location for months and months. If you want anything, you have to arrange it with front desk by a certain time or call for requested needs.
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    Kennedy Chandler has dunk mishap…scary..

    True. I can say this is very scary when it happens. I've also jammed my shoulder into the corner of the backboard. It really hurts.
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    School plane

    Meeting with Jimmy Sexton. That's a prime area for sharks.
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    most overrated vols

    Ronald Davis.
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    most overrated vols

    It's an opinion, but you should forfeit yours based on this.
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    Vaccine or not?

    Even transvaginal mesh. If you cant trust transvaginal mesh, what can you trust?
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    Any Vitello Update?

    Exactly! The engineers and architects don't care much about the contract extension timeline.

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