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    The Cardinals are going to TROT...

    He's great when he knows where to go with the ball. Literal rockstar when first read is open and defense does what he expects. Slightest curve ball or first mistake and you watch the ice crack and swallow him whole.....
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    I Surrender

    Random thoughts while working through this thread (apologies if I missed a similar opinion). We need more structure to the portal and payments. Treat it like free agency in the NFL where there is a certain commitment you make to a program (2 years?) before you can transfer AND take money. Still...
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    I Surrender

    I share your concerns and would only offer that everyone, for the most part, is suffering through this. It's a new landscape and the programs that adjust the fastest will have the advantage. Still, I question if we will ever have the wholesale love for the schools by some big names given they...
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    Times be a’changin…

    I saw an interesting take from Shannon Sharpe on this. Culturally, Sharpe feels, this is the highest level of disrespect possible. I don't know what was in Will's head but if that holds true it was an intentional decision to cause the highest level of embarrassment for Chris Rock. I might add...
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    Butthurt Bama Fan on UT Recruiting

    I wish I could like this 1,000 times.
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    Why hasn't Neyland Stadium been named The VOLCANOE?

    You have me on that one! Agreed! And remember. If you aren't wasted the day is!
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    Why hasn't Neyland Stadium been named The VOLCANOE?

    This is why you shouldn't drink in the morning......
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    # shades of Gray

    Boogie? Is that you!?
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    When Saban Retires...

    This is the truest statement I will read today..... Good news is it appears we are finally starting to do just that.
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    A Paradox for Fans

    I'm with you, it is part of me and although I am a bit jaded I will always care. My family has followed me down this rabbit hole (sorry kids) and I simply cannot wait until I get them to Neyland for the first time (probably this fall). I just want competitive and improving. It will be sad but I...
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    The fact that Arch Manning is not even visiting UT...

    Here is my opinion on how to finish your thread title: "...Which is disappointing but wish him the best. Feeling very optimistic about our future under CJH!"
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    Alvin Kamara arrested in Las Vegas for Assault

    Going to make an assumption that two dudes got chippy and one got whooped pretty well. Any other Joe and it probably ended there. This dude gets whooped by AK (or maybe let him, who knows) and now sees it as a payday. Would not be surprised if there is a cash payment and charges get dropped...
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    Momentum to curb fake injuries

    There are several ways to skin this cat, many of which have already been discussed. I like the idea of keeping a player our for the remainder of a drive but they will find ways around that eventually. I think you do that and more: 1. If in a game the referee determines this is intentional (after...
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    Tony B. On why Tennessee won't be active in transfer portal

    Feels like there are closed door conversations happening. May explain the WR flipping to TX too.
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    Interesting read on Neyland decibel levels from the Volopedia

    I used to park cars at Arrowhead and there was zero doubt when Derrick Thomas got a sack or we scored in the First quarter. Arrowhaed isn't often talked about but truly a great place to watch the game!

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