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    Ty Simpson to Bama

    Let’s face it, as long as Alabama is winning kids are going to want to play there. Nobody is going to convince me to change my mind that a lot of kids are only looking at the quickest way to the NFL, and at this time Alabama is it. They don’t want to try and build up a program, they want to go...
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    Ty Simpson to Bama

    Lifelong Bama fan or Nick Saban era Bama fan?
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    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    The University of Tennessee where fans want coaches fired every 3 to 4 years
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    If Vols dropped football what team would you follow?

    I would probably be like everyone else, jump on the bandwagon of whoever’s winning. Like most of Alabama’s fan base, they probably can’t even name another one of their coach’s other than Saban or Bear Bryant.
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    Al Washington (Potential DC)

    Coaching matters, how many National Championships does Alabama have between the years of Bear Bryant and Saban? 1. How many does Clemson have before Dabo arrived? 1
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    Al Washington (Potential DC)

    New blood, I like it
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    Harsh truth

    Most of the haters are probably just mad because it wasn’t Freeze or Kiffin.
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    Article: Gas prices going up because of COVID...

    Biden administration... plain and simple
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    Article: Gas prices going up because of COVID...

    Because of COVID?....C’mon Man Gas Prices To Jump in 2021 as Country Mends From COVID-19
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    I see a lot of folks complaining...

    Most people are upset because it wasn’t Kiffin or Freeze
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    Josh Heupel’s son wanted to catch passes with Peyton Manning

    What normal kid wouldn’t no matter what state you’re from? :)
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    Haynesworth calling for boycott...

    How many race cards are in a deck, because I believe they have all been played.
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    Does our fanbase have to complain about EVERYTHING?

    Some people wouldn’t be happy with anyone but Freeze of Kiffin
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    Basillo: Lane Kiffin wants to come home

    Tennessee fans really are dumb
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    Legit question...why is Sonny Dykes even on “the list?”

    Nobody is impressed with his 63-59 career head coaching record?

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