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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    I'm sure Kirby will leak it ASAP.
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    Dude was trying to get more money and it ruined.
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    I've gotta think it takes a lot for AP to burn a bridge like that. Guessing he got lied to a lot.
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    Imagine thinking that dude just created a fake webpage. Coaches are either getting played or going through the motions to appease the school, family, etc. I would hope that they aren't that incompetent.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Lol. That's interesting spin on "f***ing a kid over".
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    "Sure. Sign with UGA. Great staff they've got over there. Now they may throw your LOI in the trash and tell you at the last minute, but I'm sure that won't happen to you."
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    '21 GA QB Brock Vandagriff (uga commit)

    Probably because we've sucked.
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    '20 TN DL Marcus Henderson

    Bama could be bringing him in with no intention of giving him a spot. We're also in the season of kids getting overrated because the supply/demand shifts so much in the 2nd signing period.
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    '20 GA OT Broderick Jones (UGA commit)

    Eh, probably won't happen. But this is who I like taking swings at with limited spots .
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    Star Watchers AP First Team All-Americans(less kickers) 2019

    Not a judgment on our current staff. The program needed to be stabilized before we could hope to recruit at a championship level (although the early losses probably set us back at least a year). Ultimately, you're going to need to recruit a ton of 4 and 5 stars to have a realistic shot at...
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    Star Watchers AP First Team All-Americans(less kickers) 2019

    Unfortunately for us, that answer has been a resounding no.
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    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    It would be completely on brand for Chaney to leave for another SEC rebuild, but can you imagine how weird it would be to work for the guy who's been your assistant for that long? Thinking about that made me realize that Pittman is less qualified that Chaney to be a HC. Maybe other than...
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    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    Scrolling through these posts... SBV definitely said he thought Bailey would flip. Hopefully that was his gut talking.

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