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    ‘23 GA S Jack Luttrell (Tennessee commit)

    Any updates on Jack,he's got a great personality and looks like a heck of a player.I think he'll be a fan favorite.
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen

    In Garner we trust!
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    Manning’s Full HOF Speech Link

    Just when you think Peyton has done it all he delivers one of the greatest acceptance speeches of all time.It was mesmerizing and masterful!
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    Beasley animal cruelty charge dismissed...

    Now that he's back on the team I guess he'll be vol # 26 to enter the transfer portal.
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    '22 TX CG Cason Wallace

    I hope they took Cason to the baseball game!
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    ESPN: Tampering in College Football

    Only going to get worse when the NIL hits full steam ahead.
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    Glass half full,glass half empty,the real problem is the glass is twice as big as it should be.Always use a smaller glass.
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    A man goes to one game and look what happens

    Txbo,I have an autographed Nolan Ryan baseball I could give you if that would help.
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    KaTron Evans released from NLI

    To everyone leaving the program,please let the door hit you on the way out.
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    The Juice: Episode 3 - Support Staff

    Keep bringing the juice,very enjoyable.
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    The Official #3 Tennessee vs #2 Vandy Weekend Series Thread (Game 1 Friday @ 7PM) (Game 2 Saturday @ 4PM) (Game 3 Sunday @ 1PM)

    Wilkerson could call ball for anyone,including the major leagues.He is outstanding!
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    Lindsey Nelson Stadium

    Straight from Coach Vitello's mouth on local sportstalk,AD White told him he's making baseball a priority.Has to mean facilities upgrade.
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    Corey Walker Enters Transfer Portal

    Walker didn't even pen a goodbye letter saying how much he loved his time here and will always be a VFL☺
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    Keon Johnson Declares for NBA Draft

    If I'm a head coach in the NBA ,I want to protect my job.I want players to help right now,not to develop for the next coach.

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