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    Check out this custom tag. Caption this picture.

    T’oo T’oo’s Toyota
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    Will we ever get a commitment again

    I think the OP should be committed
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    Announcers on Sat night

    I was so confused, and honestly thought he may be having a stroke. She tried to help him out, but to no avail
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    Jalen Reeves Maybin getting props

    so you're saying he recruited many players who were self starters and motivated. nice job by Butch
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    Jalen Reeves Maybin getting props

    Care to elaborate? Seems spot on to me
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    Watching Kamara Tuttle and Callaway

    2000 yards and 20 tds was a waste?
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    Jumping ahead to the UGA game hope we repeat 2004 game

    Oh yeah, we really took it to Arkansas state the game before Georgia. I doubt this Team would beat them 🤪
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    Did Bailey intentionally screw over his "mates"?

    I don’t read that sentence the same way you guys do
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    Alvin Kamara fastest ever

    Thanks for providing all the information about how well Kamara did. Sure sounds like you're trying to prove my point that Kamara was utilized well by Jones
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    Alvin Kamara fastest ever

    you see the same stat on team after team. It makes sense that the change of pace guy, the guy who isnt tired, the guy who comes in after the team is way ahead, the guy who plays against the second string, gets better ypc. Trey Sanders for Bama had 6.3 ypc. Darrynton Evans had more ypc than...
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    Alvin Kamara fastest ever

    You make a lot of noise while providing little evidence. Yes, Kamara developed into a star that he is today. No, that is clearly not evidence that when he was 20 years old he should have been used more. Your entire argument boils down to "because of Kamara's NFL success, Butch should have...
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    Neyland Stadium name change?

    Neyland Stadium, named after that great American patriot, Colin Kaepernick who was the first to take a knee. Never gonna change it.
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    Alvin Kamara fastest ever

    Funny how you keep giving NO stats but not highlighting how Kamara was utilized by Jones. Kamara had more receptions than Hurd in both 2015 and 2016, their snap count and rushing attempts were pretty similar in 2016 (albeit Hurd didnt play the full season). it's not like Kamara was riding the...
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    Alvin Kamara fastest ever

    well, yeah there is more. Obviously more was known about Kamaras talent after he had success at Tennessee. So Payton had much information to evaluate Kamara’s talent based on his work against SEC caliber players, as did every other NFL team who passed on him in the draft, than Butch had...
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    Alvin Kamara fastest ever

    Long story short: Kamara played second fiddle to the established successful rb’s in the system while still having an immediate impact in both systems.

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