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    Is Henry T history ?

    Let's remove this thread and move on. Bad press for our active players. It aids and comforts the opposition.
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    Kaidon Salter suspended

    Ground Hog Day...................
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    How important is Tennessee football in your life ?

    I quit watching games at the start of last year. I will catch the highlights on YouTube. I did not watch the GA State decadal. I was really trying to control by blood pressure. It helps. Last September I dealt with thyroid cancer through November. That really put things into prospective...
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    How important is Tennessee football in your life ?

    That's being pretty committed to flossing.
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    The legend of Paul Bain is REAL

    Only Paul Bain can get a series of post 4 years later! The Legend is Paul Bain!!!
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    Should the Volunteers leadership have tried to hide the recruiting violations?

    To have a valid opinion, we need to know the specifics!!! Who did what? Buyout nor NCAA at this point does not matter!
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    Post Your Resume for DC

    If you can hold a clipboard and make fog on a mirror, you qualify..........
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    Summary of scholarship players leaving

    How many of these guys took some green and decided to jump ship while the jumping is good? Or at least think the jumping is good?
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    Anybody figured out what this mess has cost UT in money?

    Plus Legal Fees for fighting JP. Plus search firm fees. Plus legal fees for fighting the NCAA. Jet transportation for trying to replace lost players. Plus legal fees for fighting suits brought by lower staff members that were fired. Plus more legal fees and more legal fees.
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    Impermissible recruiting visits & benefits could be at core of UT's NCAA violations

    It's not just Pruitt's buyout that is at stake. UT also fired the whole recruiting department. That is a black mark that will go on everyone's employment history. If they are not guilty or at fault then you have a liability with those folks. They may be "small fish" in some people's eyes but...
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    Do you think Steele really signed up for this?
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    Tennessee QB records as a starter since 1980

    In the very early weeks of Coach P's tenure of HC at UT, he was asked in an interview about the importance of the quarterback position. He quickly replied, in general terms, that the position was not any more important than any other position. You all and correct my memory. I don't believe...
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    Pruitt’s Post Game Opening Statements..a different tact

    Friend, what is your logic on saying "needlessly put in this position"?

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