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    We Actually Have John Currie To Thank...

    Maybe Dooley should get some credit too. He played an instrumental role in the decade of suck.
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    We Actually Have John Currie To Thank...

    Spot on. As a much younger man I didn’t understand the importance of leadership. There was a massive void In our athletic leadership post-Dickey for a long, long time.
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    Return of the TVA

    Maybe the new TVA will do the same. Takes more than stars though, as mentioned earlier the old Vols has second to none strength and conditioning under Stuckey and we had some dedicated nasty mofos. Got to have that mean streak.
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    3 things can salvage the season

    Agree... and we don't have a chief right now...
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    Games left...

    Fun thread resurrection.
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    Browns fire kitchens

    What are the chances of an NFL coach taking a demotion to be a college QB coach?
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    Addazio to Colorado State, no Butch

    Hiring coaches that can't get another heading coaching job is a recent Tennessee tradition. Fulmer's legacy which as been dutifully continued by Dooley and Butch.
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    Pruitts hire compared to other 4 BIG names two years ago............

    Beating 2 ranked teams in his first season, including at Auburn doesn’t qualify as a big win?
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    Back to back SEC road wins

    It's definitely a big step and one we should appreciate, thanks for pointing it out. Missouri and Kentucky aren't chopped liver given the state of our program.
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    Food options inside Neyland

    Do you mix it all up and eat out of the diaper? If so, do you use a spoon or just get in there with the hands?
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    If there’s a 50/50 chance trump takes lead in his whore mouth I’m all for it.
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    Tennessee-BYU history

    Not sure what metric you’re using on talent, but I’m guessing it would have also shown we were way more talented than Missouri last year in that night game at home.
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    Tennessee-BYU history

    I watched BYU roll Texas two years in a row recently, they had grown men and a great coach. Fortunately they no longer have Taysom Hill at QB or Bronco Mendenhall coaching. I’d say this is a toss up.
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    Will the Vols really be in the top 25 next year?

    Will Tennessee be in the top 25 next season?

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