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    Will the Vols really be in the top 25 next year?

    Will Tennessee be in the top 25 next season?
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    The Official Michael Cohen Testimony Thread

    Tomorrow a sitting president will be accused of criminal activity while sitting in the White House, with evidence.
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    The Official Michael Cohen Testimony Thread

    Par for the trump mafia course.
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    Turner and Bowden

    Alexander with only 3 rebounds hurt us just as bad. No offense to any of those kids, just didn’t play well it happens.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee @ #5 Kentucky Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Yeah he needs to man up and get some boards. This is NBA training ground.
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    BTO’s Missouri postgame report

    Thinking back over the last 35 years of Tennessee basketball I won’t take a double digit conference win for granted.
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    NBA - NCAA espn Broadcast team switch

    At least we don't have to hear him call any of our players diaper dandies.
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    Rick Barnes and Tennessee's basketball uprising

    I've been in Austin since 2001, I've run into Barnes twice, once here and once in Knoxville, both times a gracious, genuine good guy. I was optimistic we'd do well when we hired him, but I never dreamed he'd do this well. We're lucky to have him.
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    Trump Lied 3001 Times, On Track For 8000

    This false equivalency stuff is hilarious. The typical trump straw man / what about / deflection.... same old bag of tricks when you can’t really provide a solid defense. Either Fox News has been sleeping on the job or, gulp, it’s never been a story worth pursuing until now. I mean, trump makes...
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    The Official Off The Trump Train Thread

    You mean besides being the most destructive, divisive political force in American politics over the last century? And having a comprehension of macro economic and geo-political factors and how they will impact us for decades to come? TDS is an affliction equally shared by his unwavering...
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    The Official Off The Trump Train Thread

    And just because one voted for trump doesn’t mean they have to continue to support him. Some are still seduced by the demagogue unfortunately.

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