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    Someone should quit drinking or learn anger management. Of course you're right, the fans are to blame and are the laughing stock 😂
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: UTC

    Vols 31 UTC 13 208 yds
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    *****Pick the score contest BYU

    BYU 48 UT 27 459 yds
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    Campus is dead

    Go look at season tickets from Allvols and look at all the tickets left unsold. Combine that with single game tickets and that's the true amount unsold.
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    Campus is dead

    Not surprising it's dead. There's tens of thousands of tickets unsold including almost full sections in the lower level.
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    *****Pick the score contest Georgia State

    48-16 Vols 228 yards
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    Checker Neyland BYU

    You're basing your decision of going to the game on whether the checker happens or not?
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    BYU Game!!

    5-6 of us are! Hoping to score really cheap tix close to kickoff.
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    BYU Fan here

    Psh...That OU game was the hottest ticket in awhile and the loudest game I've attended. Neyland will sound like a funeral for BYU (especially when compared to the OU game) unless thousands of tickets are sold between now and then.
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    Georgia St G10 Parking Pass

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    AG Parking - UGA & S Car

    Updated from recent sales.
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    Michigan State Unis...

    Disagree. This is way worse.
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    Oldest Vol here?

    28 so definitely in the bottom quartile if I had to guess.

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