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    Henry T's Cousin Fires Back

    Ole Henry will be fighting tooth and nail for playing time. If he wanted out he should have gone somewhere outside the SEC. Is he talented? Yeah but there are guys more talented on the roster in Athens and Tuscaloosa.
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    Henry T's Cousin Fires Back

    Exactly, the same thing would happen at any other SEC school where expectations are big.
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    Joe Milton coming to UT? (transfer from Mich)

    So what is the deal on Baily, why are you guys claiming him to be a bust already?
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    Lawsuit Against SEC officiating

    Domestic abuse?
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    Henry T to alabama (potentially)

    It is really something to behold how our program has been destroyed and salt continues to get poured in all the lethal wounds.
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    talked with someone very high up in UT AD office

    Fulmer is complicit in this mess going all the way back to 2008 or before. You cant set an expectation of excellence and start going 5-7 while expected to make a run at a Natty. That written, he should have never been fired in '08.
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    Haynesworth calling for boycott...

    That dude is a real piece of work. Work = garbage.
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    Gus Malzhan / Train

    I am 100% on the Gus bus! I think he could be the answer to the poop storm that has overtaken Knoxville for the last 12 years.
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    Austin Pope dropping a bomb

    All this is extremely obvious when you see the team play. Just going through the motions.
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    A complete list of Jeremy Pruitt losses by one score

    There is simply no excuse for this abysmal performance unless he literally doesn't know what he is doing.
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    This article explains why UT football has been in decline...and it's not due to coaching

    Don't remember the exact year...maybe around 2007 we played Clemson in a bowl game they won rather decisively. I vividly remember the announcers talking about the coach at the time, one of the Bowdens I think, using as a rally cry that none of the Clemson players were as highly recruited as...
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    Hudson Wolfe decomitted

    This train wreck of a program isn't done wrecking. The cars in the back are just now feeling the pain.
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    Why dont fans support this program no matter how bad the times get?

    Tx won a Natty recently and was playing for natty's when $aban came to bubba. This is Penn State worst year in a while, not a decade of stink. Nebraska is not what they were in the 90's but have they been as bad as we are? Michigan is not near as bad as we are over the last 12 years.
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    Why dont fans support this program no matter how bad the times get?

    Tennessee fans are extremely loyal. The problem is that we are the fans of one of the most successful college football fans in history and there is simply no good excuse for the crap that we have seen over the last decade plus. We have the stadium, tradition, money to compete year in and out...
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    1988 - Repeat?

    As bad is it seems I really think it is 98% the QB. Yeah defense has not looked like rock stars but the egregious errors on offense take their toll on the defense too.

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