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    AD White - Thoughts So Far?

    I agree. I feel we have found the answers in several of our big sports . I am ready for a long term AD and long term football coach.
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    NCAA Sanctions............

    I agree. The other thing that irks me is they said it could be upto 24 months until the NCAA performs their hearing. That is crap and the NCAA is the worst and most biased organization in the country.
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    Recruiting will be fine. Everyone doubted Dooley and Butch and both held their own with Butch becoming a great closer. I think CJH and the staff he has assembled will do consistently be in the top 15 in the country.
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    After watching the news Conf. Which coach impressed the most?

    Golesh and Halzle are going to be Head Coaches one day. Golesh, I think in the next 3-4 years and Halzle as OC when he leaves and then a HC shortly after. All that depended upon success here but that is the vibe I got from them.
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    Willie Mo on his way

    He was the DB coach the last time we had a CB overachieve. Sutton and Moseley. He wasn’t great but all the other coaches came highly recommended with great talent and they underachieved
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    Cody Brown in transfer portal

    This stuff is frustrating as it seems the portal hadn’t had an exit only sign for UT, but I am confident we will also have plenty of opportunities to improve our roster with the portal in the coming months.
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    Huepel on Finebaum

    Finebaum is the worst! If I were Huepel the only way I would go on Finebaum would be if Finebaum wasn’t there.
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    Pete Thamel: Tim Banks finalizing deal for DC

    Whereas scheme will always matter to a certain degree, at the end of the day every coach will be based on player development during their tenure and oversight. The last several regimes had good scheme to some degree and bad to horrible development. Make players better and you will be a coach...
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    VolQuest: DC Job Likely Down to Conklin and Rodgers

    0-13 with the bowl game loss. Wikipedia nailed it!
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    VolQuest: DC Job Likely Down to Conklin and Rodgers

    Which one takes on ST in your scenario?
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    VolQuest: DC Job Likely Down to Conklin and Rodgers

    With Steele not leaving yet, my guess is he is willing to stay on as a LB coach.
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    VolQuest: DC Job Likely Down to Conklin and Rodgers

    Thanks for posting. I know my perspective is that we should know very soon then. Some of these coaches just like getting recruited. I would ask two questions and then move on. You most likely already know the other stuff due to vetting and knowing their past. 1. Are you interested? Yes or...
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    Jerry Mack Hired As Next RB Coach

    Our last several head coaches either didn’t have a philosophy of their own or didn’t hire guys that fit that system. I like that CJH is assembling a staff that is attempting to compliment each other and casting a proper vision.
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    Josh Conklin - However it makes too much sense

    We will have a DC by this weekend and a full staff by Monday imo
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    Rodney Garner rumored to be hired as DL Coach

    Once we get a DC, I think we will have a couple of great coaches any DC would want.

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