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    Jim Ross on the Kansas St vs Kansas Brawl

    Little video I whipped up this morning....OH THE CARNAGE!
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    Is Larry okay?

    He's doing well. Enjoying retirement, golf, traveling, and grandchildren.
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    Windows 10 version 1709

    Make an image and go ahead and apply the update. You will know pretty soon if it kills anything you need. This one is more like a small cumulative release, than it is a major release like 1809 or 1903. That being said, since I've been working with Windows 10 in a lot of different...
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    Game room arcade console

    A Pi would probably work, but I would look at getting a refurb system with a decent older video card. Just think based on the output and rendering capabilities, it would be better.
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    No change coming

    Let's just remember what UT Football is.... 47 years between National Championships (1951-1998) 13 SEC Championships since 1933 (Average 6.5 years between Championships and none since 1998) 6 Divisional Titles since 1992 (5 really because we lost the tie-breaker to UGA in 2003) So, even though...
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    Pruitt Post Florida Excuse Session

    Next year has the probability to be just as bad, except maybe a better defense. If people are putting all their eggs in the Harrison Bailey basket to fix our problems in his freshman year, then they will remain disappointed. Pruitt gets until the end of next year to prove he can do the job...
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    This Is Our Reality

    We have no energy or swagger as a football team. No alpha mentality, no desire to shove the football up the other team's you know what. Until that mentality comes back, it doesn't matter what players or game plan we have, we won't be the competitive team we need to be. That all starts with...
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    2019-2020 HC Searching Thread

    JG is the best QB on our roster. If he truly wasn't, we would be playing Maurer or Shrout. Bailey can't get here soon enough.
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    After thinking it over, I feel relief

    Georgia State's head coach out motivated our entire coaching staff yesterday.
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    Fans best reaction to loss

    I heard Victoria's Secret was looking to sponsor the team after yesterday's performance.
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    Dad Advice

    Slow down a little on the marriage part, especially in your head. You will create unrealistic expectations for her, and you won't even know it until you've already done it. Enjoy your time with her, and let her get past her past. She has a full plate with the 4 kiddos, and the abusive ex...
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    I Need a New Laptop

    Other than Toshiba, here are the specs you need to look at when buying any computer at this point in time. Intel i5 CPU 8GB or more of RAM 500GB SSD Get those, and either Windows or Mac runs like a dream. If you buy a spinning HDD in this day and age, don't complain when its slow.
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    5 second rule!
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    Man Drops Deuce on Fed Ex Forum floor

    If he wasn't singing Rocky Top, then not a Vol fan, IMO.
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    Jason Swain Tweet.

    You do realize this information wasn't reported by Swain first, right? That's kind of my point, he's simply repeating something he's read elsewhere. Swain has no idea what's going on with the hire, like the rest of us.

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