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    Favorite fast food hamburger.

    Love me some Whataburger. Top 3 IMO.
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    Knoxville Area Tex-Mex Restaurants (excluding Chuy's)?

    Had Chuy's yesterday, and out of the over 100 times I've been, maybe one bad plate of food. Nothing touches their Creamy Jalapeno though with their chips. I could eat Mexican or Tex-Mex everyday though. I do miss the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken, and it probably won't ever be back, which...
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    Computer Tech Question

    Try taking it out of full screen mode and see if it works. There was once a RDP bug that caused the Shift, Ctrl, and other keys issues when in full-screen mode. Try this as well.... Shift Key does not seem to work in Full Screen Mode for Remote Desktop (sometimes)
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    Jay Graham buys into Bammer

    He's a competitor and a coach at Bama now. He's just doing what any other coach would do. We do eat our own though.
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    Willie Mo on his way

    Good hire. If he's coaching corners and Banks is coaching safeties, then we will be fine.
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    Tennessee’s Rudy

    Give me Nick Reviez sitting hillside beside a river any day.
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    Best laptop not a MacBook

    Nothing wrong with older equipment, but once that mobo goes, its all over. Did you have Windows 10 installed on it though? If you did, if you have any technician worth their salt, you can clone it over to the new one, update the drivers, and everything should work fine. You may have to...
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    Al Washington (Potential DC)

    I hope we at least try to get the Tulsa DC before this guy.
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    Big chip on CJH's shoulder...

    And why do you say that? Because I'm not pumping sunshine out of my nether regions for our new coach? How many times have we been here in the past 13 years? We've been here 5 times, and each time I've been on board. I am on board with CJH, but we could have done better had we not decided to...
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    Big chip on CJH's shoulder...

    We settled for CJH due to the NCAA cloud and toxic environment hanging over us. That being said, it doesn't mean that he won't succeed here. He has all the resources he needs here, so let's just hope he puts together what those before him this past decade could not. I don't want him to...
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    Zero emotions

    Heupel is much more engaging than Cornbread ever was. Seems much more genuine as well. We'll see how that translates to creating culture, but I'm glad he didn't say Vandy, KY, and South Carolina when mentioning the other teams.
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    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    I'm good with Elliot, simply because he gives us immediate juice based on where he has coached for the past 10 years. Thanks for sharing, regardless of its right or wrong.
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    Tony Elliott (Clemson OC)

    Just some food for thought.... How many NFL teams have sought after Elliot to be their OC in the past 2 years? Now, same question for Pruitt, how many NFL teams were knocking down his door? I think we know who the pros feel better about, but yet somehow we wouldn't want that same person as...
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    Tony Elliott (Clemson OC)

    So a pay raise to five million a year and coaching in the SEC wouldn't lure him?
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    Tony Elliott (Clemson OC)

    There have been companies continue to fail by just throwing money at the problem and hiring the wrong people, regardless of experience. Look at AMD, the previous two CEOs couldn't get them back in the market as Intel continued to dominate, now Lisu Su is gaining market share back by the day...

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