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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    Be that as it may - he is mid dive in this picture - from the videos that I have seen his whole body hits the turf simultaneously as he was diving - which occurs after this still or after this picture. Do you have something more definitive to present ? If you are going to be a critic - let's see...
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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    99 per cent of the time refs reviewing refs - do not overturn what their buddy indicated on first pass - it has to be so obvious that they would get fired if they didn't overturn it. Their fallback is always - not conclusive one way or the other and the spot stands. If it isn't compelling and...
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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    Well the receiver is about 6' 4 or 5 - so probably close to 3 feet between his knee and southern most point of the ball.
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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    Your pic has his knee casting a clear shadow which tells me that it hasn't hit the ground yet. I can show you one of his getting up at the 39 and say - see he made it. Posting a pic of him before he hit is weak sauce - this appears mid lunge to me. I will agree to disagree unless you can...
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    The scoop and score ruling…

    We punted .
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    Ole Miss To Replace Rebels

    Yeh - if someone did it to me 28 times - I might have one or two of my guys do the same thing - once I realized what was going on - clearly it was intentional and by design and no one is going to call it or do anything about it.
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    Pictures of Warren down on terrible spot?

    He casts a shadow because he hasn’t hit the ground in that picture. Some people just used that pic to justify calling it short imho. He ultimately landed farther up field.
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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    Tons of people think it was not short. There are some who want to call it short so that the students that threw things look even worse - Most of them appear to be old air force golfers and DHs. Outside of that - I am sure there are some who feel genuinely that he didn’t make it - the wife of...
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    5 punts in 1st half

    Should have been deep inside our bag of tricks - needed to run wider instead of up the middle and run with the qb more. Finally did a little of that in the second half.
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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    Upon further review - starting with 39 seconds - and running the slo-mo in super slo-mo - it looks like he carroms off of the Ole Miss db - and simultaneously he lands with his knee on the 41 and the middle of his body around or slightly beyond the 40. I still think it should have been marked at...
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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    I would have to see the same shot from the north endzone to even weigh in - and you would need - not a shot, but an ongoing slow motion of how he landed. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that when you play football, catch the ball and tuck it - you hold the front end of the football in...
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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    Hopefully I have captured this correctly and pasted it successfully. Please watch the slow motion at least 3 times before commenting. Attempting to remove all bias. 1. He wasn't down at the 39 which is where he ended up. 2. He wasn't down at the 41 which is where it was ultimately spotted. 3...
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    What he said!!

    He has to be fair and balanced, totally unbiased - so he is not going to pick a side - much of what he said was very telling and unfortunately he is about the only one saying it.
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    4th Down Spot

    He careened off of the defender after the catch - and then dove - unless someone has blown it up and run it in slow mo - don't think you can tell. I think an argument can be made that he did make the first down and I agree that the ball was in his left arm. Still think it was a bad spot. I...

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