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    If this name comes up..

    You are exactly right. Unless it's a home run hire, and even then, I will be negative until they prove they can right the ship.
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    Make it happen

    You obviously didn't see what I did there.
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    Hate to say this but UF has it right.

    At least our coaches don’t hump sharks.
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    Make it happen

    His record I n the SEC: 6-6 4-9 5-7 3-6 With 0 bowl wins in 4 years.
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    If this name comes up..

    If it’s Frost, he’s going to receive a frosty reception from our fanbase.
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    We really need....

    No way I would have punted on 4th and 2 with the a chance to put the game away, especially when GA had all the momentum.
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    Search firm confidentiality question.

    It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
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    Recruiting budget

    It depends on which set of books we let them have access to.
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    Was Chaney let go?

    I think he would be hard to miss.
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    Hearing N865UT spotted a looong way from home

    Given it is the off-season, Gruden is back home in Cali.
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    Team "Captains"

    It was determined we are going to have to outsource our captains.
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    Bill Clark

    Maybe he can hire Meriwether Lewis as an assistant.
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    Tom Allen Should Be A Top Priority

    I see what you meant now. He is a good coach, but I just don't think he will be successful here. And we sure don't need some one-season wonder or give someone their first shot at HC. I just wish I knew the answer, but more importantly I hope White knows the answer.

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