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    Most Hated Teams Outside The SEC?

    Virginia Tech- live in Charlottesville, have learned to hate the Hokies Clemson- just tired of hearing about them (maybe jealous?) Oregon- ooh, they have fancy uniforms...not really. Ohio State- same reason I hate Florida Oklahoma State- never liked Mike Gundy, not a real orange Michigan State-...
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    Michelle Marciniak- Sheex?

    Just happened upon a commercial and saw "Michelle Marciniak- former WNBA player" speaking on some product called "Sheex". Not even sure what the product was but noticed she was listed as the founder. Sorry if I'm late to the party, I hadn't seen it before...
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    Who do you want in a bowl?

    Selfishly...UVA in the Belk Bowl
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    Corey Vareen Drops Out of XFL

    I'm at the point in my life where a job isn't all about the salary, but it's also the benefits- health insurance, retirement, etc. If a guy plays football for 3 months, gets paid $55K max, he is still going to have to do something the other 9 months. It's hard to find a 9 month full-time job...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    Tenn- 13 GA- 59 Yards Allowed- 524
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    UGA fans threaten to checker Neyland

    Like Georgia or hate Georgia, the light show they had in their stadium Saturday night was pretty awesome. That’s something that will attract recruits and adds excitement.
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    When/Why did you become a TN fan?

    My grandmother grew up in Mascot, TN and my first football memories were of watching Vol football with my grandparents while I grew up in Indiana. This was late-70's. All I wanted growing up was to go to UT, which I finally did. Now a proud (most of the time) alum.
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    Jakob Johnson (Patriots)

    In other news, Jakob Johnson has been brought up from the Patriots practice team to play on Sunday. Listed as fullback, but could play TE also. Can’t link to article, but on ESPN.
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    SEC Expansion

    Maybe WVU or VT, but UVA would never leave ACC and don’t see NC state leaving either.
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    Sports Psychology- Big Time Athletes (a bit long)

    I personally am not in the psychology side of things, but it is well-known within the department that it is a major focus.. I am just asking the question because I don't know how UT operates when it comes to this. I would most definitely make the assumption that UT has a person in this role...
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    Sports Psychology- Big Time Athletes (a bit long)

    Backstory- I am a UT grad and long-time fan but now work in a major ACC athletics department that takes sports psychology seriously, and has won numerous national championships recently. When looking at the struggle of the Vol football team, one thing that is not getting a lot of attention is...
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    Maybe something to look forward to.

    Basketball season?
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    Back up qb: are we being gullible?

    I'd rather see Shrout and Maurer pull a Peterman (think Florida) than watch JG one more time. At least we can blame their mistakes on being "young"- what do we blame JG's mistakes on?
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    JG played better against BYU. He gave our receivers a chance.

    This reminds me of a quarterback "controversy" many years ago...Peyton Manning v. Branndon Stewart. After a couple of QB's went down with injuries, it was up to Manning and Stewart- I actually wanted Stewart at the time. Manning won the job and the rest is history. Let's do it again with...
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    JG played better against BYU. He gave our receivers a chance.

    USC started a true freshman last night vs. a ranked team. This true freshman was also 3-7 his senior year in high school. Last night he threw for 377 yards, multiple touchdowns and set all kinds of freshman QB records. Did I mention he's a true freshman starting against a ranked team? Bama...

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