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    Why did we catch fire in the last seven minutes???

    I'm with you, OP, I'm EXHAUSTED just from watching this game. There was good play, there was awful play, it was like the whole season wrapped up in one game. The good news is that, like in the season overall, the team didn't quit. They fought back even after I gave up hope, and that says a lot...
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    BOWL WIN!!!

    WAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!!! GO VOLS!!! I'm exhausted from pacing and cursing.
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    Tim Brando: College football has become a colossal bore

    I don't understand the argument that the current system diminishes the importance of the bowl games. Back when the Earth's crust was still cooling, the national champion was just whoever was at the top of the polls after all the games were played. The possibility of getting to that spot was...
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    Who does the freezing temps favor?

    Note to self: wear thermals and find orange scarf and cap before next week.
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    I have no words for Jennings.

    His second effort plays are the ones that always get me on my feet. Just amazing.
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    Ol' Geno doubles down on bashing Tennessee, Fulmer, so on, so forth.

    I'm late to this story, so sorry if it's spelled out in another thread, but what does Westbrook say happened to her at UT?
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    Play of the game (video)

    So true. Warrior has come a long way this season. I'm happy to see his progress and even happier to think it's because we finally have a coaching staff that can develop and improve the players. For years it has felt like talented players came into the program but never got any better than they...
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    Congrats JG

    He played a great half. I'm really happy for him.
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    Second half

    I hope so!!
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    Kentucky Meltdown

    Kneel before us, football peasants, and remove thy stupid shiny helmets, for they do offend us!
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    Second half

    I don't think I can even count how many seasons I've spent wishing the Vols could be the team that came out of the locker room after halftime and played BETTER. Or that they could be the team that could have an awful quarter and still win. I know it's just Kentucky, and I definitely hope for...
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    JG Tweet

    That makes me wish I had Twitter, so I could twit or laugh or whatever people with Twitter can do to show amused affection.
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    UT celebration video

    Love, love, LOVE. GO VOLS!!
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    The Official Tennessee @ Kentucky Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    To update what I said at halftime: they got one sustained drive score when we were on our heels, and a second freak score from the blocked punt. After that we found ourselves, made adjustments at halftime (as I hoped), and took care of business in the second half. In Kentucky, against a team at...

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