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    Link to presser 1/18 at 3:00 Eastern; now live on WNML, SECN, others?

    Fulmer was at a loss for words trying describe Pruitt’s tenure. On a side not; does anyone want to join my Battered Vol hiking group on Saturdays in the fall?
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    And the end of college football begins..

    McConnell (assuming he remains Majority leader) won’t even let this come to the floor
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    Mike Bianchi article about the program

    We’re doing a pretty good job of that ourselves
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    Matt Campbell (Iowa State)

    Off topic, but there used to be a big sign off Lawnville Road with one his quotes on it as a nod to his Kingston roots.
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    The most depressing part...

    They didn’t get rich throwing good money after bad though
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    Did anybody see this coming?

    It was fool’s gold
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    The Official Tennessee @ Arkansas Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    Come on guys, everyone knows you need four full recruiting cycles before you can cover a slant
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    Pruitt needs 5 years

    I think anyone still around cheering for the Vols after all these years is a loyal fan, regardless of their feelings on the current coach
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    Pruitt's post game message for TN fans

    I think I saw that 12 (now 13 coaches) have either left or changed job titles in the last 2.5 years
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    Pruitt Approval Rating

    He’s around July 2008 George W. Bush approval numbers
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #2 Alabama Game Thread, 3:30 ET, CBS

    He’s probably using it to roll a blunt at this point
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #2 Alabama Game Thread, 3:30 ET, CBS

    So glad Fulmer hired a “real football coach” 🤦🏻‍♂️

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