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    Chris,Dari and Takeo!!

    Herb has picked against Vols twice this year in game day.. he will again tomorrow
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    UGA Coin Toss Dilemma

    Hype defers.. and gets the 10-14 swing scoring list in 1st half and scoring first in 2nd like he did with Florida and LSU (and Bama I think). It all but put the game out of reach for the Gators and the tigers.
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    Name for Heupel's offense

    The Dirty Sanchez
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    Herbie 1, Fowler 0

    Herbie gushing over Stetson Bennett”.i know we are here to see Hooker but. I can’t wait to see Stetson Bennet against this Tennessee secondary. “ basically saying he can’t wait to see him torch us. He’s a douche and can’t wait to see someone beat us!
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    Tennessee has yet to win anything realistically

    I get it. There is WAAAYYYY to much talk about Georgia... we still have Kentucky to go and they have revenge on the mind. Don't any think they are not good enough to wreck a season... and would love to do it!
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    Bama been whining for years

    or when Cam Newton torched them it was crying about lineman down field. Bamars gonna Bama!
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    Referees were finally on our side?

    Crowd noise was on our side!! Especially in that south end zone
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    Behavior Saturday

    Bad day to be a mustard bottle!
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    Song that mentions the vols

    the best is "I hate Alabama" PERIOD!
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    3rd & long. What can be done?

    Hell yea…. Fire every defensive coach.. especially since they have only give up 7 points! Jeez..
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    Did anyone else find it regurgitating to pull for Kiffin yesterday??

    I was in Destin and watching this game at AJ's in front of the big screen and it was all Kentucky fans. One guy actually told me they had a shot at the playoffs! I laughed and reminded him that he still had to come to Knoxville and he acted as if it was no big deal to play in Neyland. I...
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    Tillman’s ankle procedure

    Better hurry back... lots of dudes gunning for that spot! Keaton showed out and won some trust!
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    Vols up to #9 in USA Today coaches poll

    Kentucky very well could be undefeated when we play..
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    Is it lack of talent or lack of coaching on D?

    It’s the game now. Who has a good defense aside from Georgia?? Clemson is supposed to be a top defense and wake score 45 on them.
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    Ramel Keyton Appreciation Thread

    Great catch! Keep playing!!

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