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    Milton named starter

    Coaches office should come over and read VN on mondays to see who they should start!But then again there is no agreement over here either!
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    Dee Beckwith gone?

    If he knew who he was,he would be in the TE room!
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    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    Cade Mays had a PF that caused my face to turn red.No reason for it and it hurt the team badly along with 2 holding calls on Carvin(I think) There were more but those stuck out!
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    We got out coached today

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!
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    '22 GA DE CJ Madden

    No I never said that about Nichols,his family have been Vol fans forever and his G mother lives in the Knoxville area!
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    No Gray or Morris for OU

    I saw Gray playing in the game and I saw Chandler playing for NC last night. Wanya Morris is too slow to play Tackle,legs weigh 150 each!
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    Bettor loses $220k on Tennessee-BG Game

    Our team played a game after installing a new offense and defense,no surprise there are growing pains.Will get better but don't be too greedy!
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    Pitt Head Coach - Title Change

    Alabama boosters pay more for p-layers than that every year!
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    Why can't we enjoy the victory?

    Milton stands in the pocket too long and won't be able to do that in days to come.He is not getting through the reads quick enough.Hope he improves a lot on when to move and help out his blockers!
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    Question for you old timers

    Battle won big with players he inherited but went down steady when he could not keep the roster up.Someone sent a moving van to his home,which I thought was un called for.I think battle is probably happy about it now,became a very rich man!

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