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    WR Malachi Wideman no longer part of program

    I remember one career day, a plumber told us that if you could tolerate the grotesque nature of his chosen field, you could make all the money you wanted. I later saw where that guy lived, and it looked like he was dealing with it pretty well. I learned a lot about judging a profession.
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    Henry T's Cousin Fires Back

    Back when Finebaum was just a radio host, he had one of the former quarterbacks on there one random day. I can’t remember if it was John Parker Wilson or who it was, but it was from that time frame. His last year at Bama, they played for but lost the national championship. Fans were calling in...
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    Official Nashville Predators Thread

    So I gotta ask-with this playoff race coming down to the wire, which would you prefer? To miss out by a whisker, or to make it in and trucked in a 4 game sweep?
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    Ideas for Stadium

    There was a broken pipe in the south end zone concourse at the orange and white game. Had a small flood that my kid just had to splash through. I have know that area needed some work for years, but that was still kinda surprising. The building is an icon for Christ’s sake.
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    Randomly meeting a Vol Stories

    Sat next to Fulmer on a plane once. Met Barnes at a restaurant. Talked to Alvin Harper at a baseball game. And while not a Vol, I was at a resort in the Caribbean years ago and Herschel Walker was staying there. Only saw him once at the pool.
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    The Roster (Talent Level)

    I’ve been a dick to gator a few times on here, but I typically like his posts.
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    Official Nashville Predators Thread

    I was at the game Tuesday night. Place was dead. The game was awesome, especially the ending. But they ran the covid restrictions down your throat every chance they got. I can’t wait till this nonsense is over.
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    Kaidon Salter suspended

    Kiffin will reach out to him if he hasn’t already.
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    A Reluctant Criticism of Barnes

    I love Rick Barnes, and I am of the opinion that he is as good of coach as we will ever have here. But let’s face it, he is limited in some inexplainable way. I believe that the NCAA tournament is right up there with the triple crown in horse racing and the Stanley Cup as far as right place...
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    Per Hyams - Tennessee shut down due to Covid

    We could not collectively agree on what time it is. We are not collectively pretty good at anything.
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    It recently did, to Fabbro of the Preds. Except his wasn’t nearly as violent.
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    I’m almost positive that criminal charges have been filed in hockey. Too buzzed and lazy to look, but I currently think that I believe it happened.
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    Dane Bradshaw is....

    A damn fine color commentator. That is all.
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    Meet UT football legends

    I wasn’t necessarily taking issue with the opposition voice here, but this is the point I was trying to make. I am under the opinion as well that it is common sense that masks have to help at least some. But I am also of the opinion that science! shaming others for their position on this is...

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