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    UT guy for SEC Football Final

    Jason Witten and/or Charles Davis. Andraya Carter as change of pace, but well prepared, alternative.
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    Tennessee Lady Vols Softball 2022.

    Really tough write up on this game from SBNation. (Sorry, can't attach link)
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    CJH just said.....

    Sadly, one of them just left for FSU.
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    Karo and her dad

    Hope his daughter puts in the work in the off season. Really like her hustle and toughness. She could be a star for the LV
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    Question for Old Timer Vol hoops fans

    My first few games were at Alumni gym, so I guess I qualify. Would love to go, but out of my price range
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    Apparently it doesn’t matter if the Vols win the SEC championship

    Look at what winning the ACC tourny did for Va Tech
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    Predictions for A&M today?

    What's all this talk about Tn vs A&M? The Chatt TFP has KY playing A&M at 1 pm. They can't be wrong can they?
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    SECT Game Thread: Lady Vols 74 - Kentucky 83

    And what do we lose? Quit on D and has been a non factor on O.
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    Game Thread: (12/8) Lady Vols 53 - (1/1) South Carolina 67

    See a lot of Tess criticism on here, but nobody hustled harder on defense today. Several players thought they would take JH's place today. None succeeded.
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    Game Thread: (12/8) Lady Vols 53 - (1/1) South Carolina 67

    SC going to have to get busy to win by forty. Wasn't that the prediction on here the past couple of days?
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    Tennessee Lady Vols Softball 2022.

    Haven't been able to watch so far. Is Rogers injured, or are the others auditioning for two slot?
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    Game Thread: (4/5) Lady Vols 61 - Auburn 71

    Horston AU mvp so far
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    Game Thread: (7/9) Lady Vols 70 - Arkansas 63

    Horston is Arky's sixth player when we are on offense. Big liability
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    Orange Bowl Thread: #2 Michigan vs #3 Georgia

    Watched about 5 min of Game Day this a.m. Actually significantly more than usual. Heard the crew talking about the UM off line learning from the SEC CG how to dominate the UGA defense. Expert commentary my #$%.
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    Game Thread: (7/9) Lady Vols 63 - (3/3) Stanford 74

    Stanford went to remote only this pm. I'm thinking the game is in jeopardy

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