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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Man watching how demoralizing it is using a big back...I would hope we see a steady diet of Hodge, Whitehead and Banks running the ball the next 2 years.
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    '20 Recruiting Forum: Official Gator Bowl Pre-game/Game Thread

    It is pretty simple JG struggles against zone defenses, i think the wr ither than 15 struggle against a zone. JG is just to late with seeing guys open against the zone and defenders are able to confuse him. I would not be surprised if he loses the job to Bailey at some point next season. Biggest...
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    '20 SC WR Jalin Hyatt (UT SIGNEE)

    not necessarily, Andy McCullough was a physical specimen that issues with routes and drops....just average success as a wr for Peyton. Cordarelle got his numbers from being the most athletic player on the field
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    '20 AL OL/DL Reginald Perry (UT SIGNEE)

    All it takes is that one playmaker at a vital spot to step onto the mqin stage. Look at LSU the last few years....8 to 10 wins but ome of the most talented teams in football, they bring in a coach and QB who see eye to eye on what they want ro do and they explode. Alabama and UGA...the 2...
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    '20 GA OL Tate Ratledge (UGA commit)

    his after party messages were something else
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    use sky scanner
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    '21 GA RB Cody Brown

    At this moment from what i understand Auburn is the leader, still hasnt heard from Clemson. REALLY REALLY wants that Clemson offer
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    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    2 years ago they faced North Gwinnett in the i think quarters. North had Burrell, Newsome ..Nebraska signee and DJ Turner....Michigan signee in the defensive backfield. Norths d line and linebackers lived in Mariettas backfield on pretty much every play. Bailey still threw for over 300yds and...
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    '19 GA WR Jerrod Means (Tennessee signee)

    Cedric Tilman did not have a lit of catches but had a lot of pt... It is all about perspective. Some kids understand how the game is played and others don't. Does not mean he isn't talented
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Bitulis spot imo will be either Crouch or Petterson. Warrior should be Flowers although i would like Tank at SS and Taylor at FS. Let Green or Burrell play the corner opposite Thompson. Shamburger and Fields play the star. Good dillema to have getting more guys to compete for spots.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    I was thinking that today myself. The juco cb could win the opposite cb position too
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    looks like Fields will be out with a knee injury....
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    '21 GA RB Cody Brown

    pretty confident in this, Parkview is a huge baseball school and Codys buddy signed with Clemson to play baseball...
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    '21 GA RB Cody Brown

    Thought i had heard from a Parkview guy that Cody was waiting for the Clemson offer. I could be wrong, will find out this week

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