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    Happy Father’s Day to all VolNation dads

    Happy Father's Day to all the VN Dads out there. GBO!
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    ‘23 IL WR Carnell Tate (Ohio State commit)

    A like for the Chapelle gif and the message
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    Apologies for the down time

    I almost thought we weren't gonna get to talk about NIL anymore. Crisis averted!
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    Recruiting forum off topic thread (no politics, covid, or hot button issues)

    Exactly... being a good steward of those funds shouldn't be a rich/poor issue
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs #19 Auburn Weekend Series Thread (Friday 7PM EST SEC NETWORK) (Saturday 7PM EST SEC NETWORK) (Sunday 1PM EST SEC NET+)

    I spent a good 10 minutes trying to find a 4 letter word that would be censored and make sense there lol
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    Screw Arkansas fans

    Calling Georgia fans "a little intolerable" is like calling the Pope "a little Catholic"
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    ‘23 TN SDE Nathan Robinson (Tennessee commit)

    The kid his a big, athletic frame with good speed and quickness. I bet he would make one helluva OT or Strong side DE in a couple years. Glad we got him before he blows up
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    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    RDM quite attractive in her younger day
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    Does anyone else listen to "Locked on Vols?"

    After giving this some more thought I think I have figured out what it is I dont like. Compare Cain to Josh Pate... Josh has a much better cadence and pacing. Josh has these slower moments and pauses that allow me to briefly consider what he is saying and think about my own opinion... it is...
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    Does anyone else listen to "Locked on Vols?"

    I've listened to several episodes with Cain as host... not sure what I don't like about it, maybe it is all the ads, but I really haven't listened to it consistently. There is something about it I don't like.
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    Does anyone else listen to "Locked on Vols?"

    "I hope you learned something from this today; if not, well, we'll try again tomorrow." How is that pompous? It's him saying "I will try to do better tomorrow"
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    Danny White aka Magic Man

    This is fantastic
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    ‘23 DC ATH Nyckoles Harbor

    This guy needs to visit Knoxville and get Spyre'd

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