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    *****Why I hate the Alabama Crimson Tide

    Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s I hated Florida worse than anything. Steve Spurrier was just the worst. As a young adult I got to attend Fulmer’s last Bama game. Experiencing rammer jammer first hand instilled a hatred that has grown since.

    The scoop and score ruling…

    Dunno man just the messenger might be worth a google.

    The scoop and score ruling…

    Yep and that idiot linesman standing right next to Kiffin didn’t let it play out like his counterparts did. I am sure Kiffin wasn’t yelling at him to stop the play to save his QB

    The scoop and score ruling…

    The linesman should never have made that call. The ref and back judge ran with Baron. It only takes one idiot zebra to muck up a play and the linesman did just that. Should he have made to call absolutely not but that doesn’t change the fact that he did. In my opinion this was a busted fake...

    The scoop and score ruling…

    So I had a long conversation with an NFL ref of Twitter. He highlighted that the linesman at the bottom of the screen, which is barely visible on camera, raised his hand. This is equivalent to blowing the whistle apparently. He did so just as Baron and Blakley were bringing Corral down. Due to...

    A legal question:

    Well with sports betting legalized in Tennessee can we sue the refs for negligent behavior that caused monetary loses? I am sure some people had to lose money on the outcome due to the overturned call.

    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    And Pruitt is making himself un-hireable in the eyes of any future NCAA institution. Not a good look for him at all. Any dirt he has only solidifies our case of termination for cause. This is a ploy to try to use the actions media storm around UT football to his advantage. If he wants to...

    White & Plowman

    Really people where not in danger from half empty water bottles. The one golf ball could have been in the stadium from the TopGolf event that was held at Neyland as well. What about Kiffin throwing his visor on the way out as well. Does he get fined for that? He acts like a baby and revels...

    SEC fine from Saturday's activities

    Maybe the players can get a NIL deal from this?
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    Tennessee Home Defense Kit

    I dont see the Tennesse Home Deense kit part? Am I just missing it?
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    SEC fine from Saturday's activities

    Can we get a suspension of the refs from this game? Third game that Mark Curles has been involved with and a bad call has resulted in changing the flow of the game. <Yes I am beating this dead horse even more> Can we earmark this money for Mark Curles' crew to attend some training classes on...
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    Refs have to be held accountable, UTAD. You do not budge.

    Umm normally this is correct reply but when a TD is taken off the board for a total BS reason then yeah blame the refs. If the play was dead due to forward progress why did the closest ref run the length Of the field with Baron to the end zone???? By the way we lost by 5 points and were robbed...
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    If his forward progress was stopped how did we get the fumble?
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    Yep I still don’t understand what happened with that play. The ref closest to Corral never blew the whistle and ran the length of the field with Baron. Then they huddle and say his forward progress was stopped? How he was being tackled and fumbled in the process.
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    Has our secondary

    Not the same tempo but that Pitt offense is putting up crazy numbers with a similar style QB. So yes we have face a high octane offense and we started the wrong QB. Still we only lost by a TD.

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