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    Is that Aaron Beasley next to Bailey???

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    Darel Middleton Tweet

    Thank you for the info.
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    Darel Middleton Tweet

    Any news on Aubrey Solomon or Malachi Wideman? I had read on a few posts that people where afraid they may not be with the program anymore. Sure hope it is not true.
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    Another commitment to Tennessee 2022

    You may have something on that as I said he is one of the first if not the first to the ball each time. Again I would like to see a full game and not just the highlights. I hope he does great and is one of the best finds in this years class but will have to wait and see.
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    Another commitment to Tennessee 2022

    Could be a good find if someone can teach him how to line up closer to the line and tech him how to go at the snap of the ball and not that split second late. All of that can be taught so may be a good project that will be helpful in 2 to 3 years. Watched the tape and he was always the last to...
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    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava

    I am a leava that one alone!!!!
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    TN Football players Transfer out List

    Katron Evans DL let out of his NLI as well
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    Auburn defensive lineman Jay Hardy is in the transfer portal

    Spelt has a complex history. It is a wheat species known from genetic evidence to have originated as a naturally occurring hybrid of a domesticated tetraploid ... This is from Google search.
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    I didn't realize it was this bad...

    Still better than they have been sense I started watch football. They have had a 10 win season and they are making bowl games regular and they beat UT at UT so I would say he has done a very good job. With the place he is at and the reputation they had for lack of football he has brought them a...
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    I didn't realize it was this bad...

    I agree, it takes time. Just look at what Stoops has done at a place like KENYUCKY and you can see what it takes to recruit and develop players. Say what you want about the cats but he has done a great job getting a program like that to the point there at now.
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    Joe Milton coming to UT? (transfer from Mich)

    Proud of you sir for turning it around. Not allot of people have the strength needed to do it. And you are correct, people look down on people who are addicted and do not understand that they did not choose this and they would stop if they could. They need help not criticism! But with that said...
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    '21 TN OT (PWO) Nick Edwards

    Going by the video he looks like he has the nasty side needed to get the job done! Need a little more extra effort to get the team going.
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    ‘23 LA SDE Jameian Buxton

    Twice removed?
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    Dee Beckwith to LB ?

    Agree 100% !!!!!!!1
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    Is Henry T history ?

    For what it is worth and sense it is my opinion then its not much. I think it is odd that the players leaving all seem to be the ones recruited by Brian N. the bag man and it just looks like they where taking money and figured it was best to leave. I say let them go, clean house and start over...

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