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    Two more games cancelled

    It would be nice if people would make their points without personally attacking the other posters. It happens in this forum the vast majority of the time and in this thread a whole lot.
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    Two more games cancelled

    Best laid plans, and all that... . We are going to have to knock out COVID19, preferably with a vaccine, in the near future. What Rick Pitino suggested about delaying this season and having "May Madness" might not be such a bad idea for this year.
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    Jeremy Pruitt still 'absolutely' thinks Jarrett Guarantano gives Vols best chance to win

    Based on what I have seen of the other two quarterbacks, especially in Arkansas game. I think he's right. They see these kids in practice. The most popular player on the team among fans is always the second string quarterback.
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    I’ve heard UT football compared to a casino

    I was done last season. I expected COVID19 to end this season and I didn't get my tickets. Now that I have done without for a year, it will be really easy going forward.
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    Ranking the Best Basketball Programs of All-Time

    Especially when you consider some of the school's ranked ahead of us. BYU in particular sticks out like a sore thumb.
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    Ranking the Best Basketball Programs of All-Time

    Tennessee also leads the all-time series with Florida in basketball by a margin of 20 games and Florida's all-time record in the SEC is near .500. Those kinds of numbers show just how impotent Florida was as a basketball school until the late 1980's. Tennessee has been second tier in the...
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    Ranking the Best Basketball Programs of All-Time

    Something that I have always contended is confirmed in these rankings: Tennessee has an all-time better program than Florida in basketball.
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    Poll: Would you have Kiffin back?

    The only way Kiffen would come back is if Phil is gone. Phil would never be part of hiring his replacement from 2009.
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    most likely replacement for Chaney?

    Everywhere Chaney has been as an OC, the offense has been good to outstanding, except for here this season. Chaney is not the issue.
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    Would you Sacrifice Basketball for Football?

    Agreed. This is a false choice to be sure. You can be good in both.
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    How about no more games this year ?

    End the season. COVID is raging now. It may end up being out of our hands in the end anyway.
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    Texas A&M expected to have over a dozen players out with COVID

    LOL. If it was "just a game", this season would have never begun. Maybe it is far too important, but it is far more than "just a game", especially here in the south.
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    A&M has suspended football activities for today

    I wish this season would just end now.
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    Is that the Slingblade dude in the bottom right picture?

    Nice avi. Trout Mask Replica.

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