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    We’re losing S&C Coach Fitz after all

    I’m going to play devils advocate and mention some names outside of the program that I like Bennie Wylie - Oklahoma (was SC coach here during Kiffin year) Paul Jackson - was recently at Ole Miss over the last several years just got hired and USCe. Dave Andrews - Pitt very tough hard nosed...
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    I hear you guys on quality of shot and open looks with playing inside out or drive and kick, but the problem is we get open looks a lot and guys continue to miss, meanwhile we got guys on opposing teams dancing a 3 pt line with us in face and drilling them. Just frustrating is all.
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    I really hope we get some guys who can shoot... I am so sick of watching our guys miss open 3's. While the other teams are hitting contested 3's and deep 3's. I sometimes get the feeling it's like we practice defense so much we don't coach or practice shooting. Idk just frustrating
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    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman (Tennessee signee)

    I see you guys with AJ green and I get that. But first guy that came to mind when I watched his film was Justin Hunter.
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    2020 Recruiting Celebration

    Every year Tennessee does the recruiting celebration the night of NSD with all the Coaching staff. I noticed there was a clip of it last night. But usually every year we can access the full stream. Does anyone have the link to the full stream from last night's recruiting celebration??
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    Contracts set to expire for Tracy Rocker, Chris Weinke

    Yeah I'd be interested in this guy from a developmental standpoint however he's not asked to recruit much at MSU so in that regard it's a wash between him and Rocker. I kinda like the idea of a young guy who's group showed improvement and is passionate and can be good recruiter which is why I...
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    Contracts set to expire for Tracy Rocker, Chris Weinke

    If indeed its true that Tracy Rocker is transitioning to off field role, or retiring.... one guy I stumbled upon that is an up and coming young star coach... Vic So'oto - DL coach for Virginia... played under Mendenhalls 3-4 defense when he was DC at BYU and played in NFL for few years. Very...
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    Candidates for Linebackers coach

    While at Bama was a GA with ILB.
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    Candidates for Linebackers coach

    I do like the idea of.... Nieds switch to LB coach as that was his GA position at Bama Then Jay Graham at RB Coach / ST Coach and Joe Osovet to TE coach.
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    Kevin Sherrer, ILB and ST coach, to NY Giants

    I wouldn't mind seeing Vernon Hargreaves Sr as our ILB Coach, he has a wealth of experience in the Southeast. He has produced lots of good LBs. My only concern with him would be recruiting but he might be similar to what Sherrer was as a recruiter. Other names that come to mind.... Raymond...
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    I like your take. One of the things I think is interesting is the character vs talent debate. But it makes me wonder some of the talented stars that UT has had over its history, if Twitter and the internet had been prominent back then how many would say "nope, pass" I'm sure some of our...
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    '20 FL DE Morven Joseph (UT SIGNEE)

    I agree I know it's just a picture but based on picture he looks like 6'3" 220-230ish
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    Candidates to replace David Johnson?

    A guy thats not been mentioned that i would be interested in is.... John Wozniak RB Coach for Oklahoma State... they have had some really good running backs the past few years... He has been a part of 2 National Championships One with Les Miles... and the other with Nick Saban at Bama as...
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    Doug Matthews says more offensive staff changes expected

    For those who were hoping we would get Tosh Lupoi if a spot opens up on defensive staff... Appears he has officially joined the Atlanta Falcons as D-LINE coach / Run Game Coordinator.
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    New lockers

    Idk if this will work but Tennessee Football Twitter posted this short breakdown but appears it may be deleted now

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