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    Maurer vs. Shrout vs. JG (merged)

    247 Sports Class of 2019... Dual-Threat Quarterback Rankings w/ Career Prep Stats No. 1 - Bo Nix (Auburn) - 10,393 career passing yards, 127 passing touchdowns, 2,112 rushing yards, 34 rushing touchdowns [4 seasons] No. 2 - Jayden Daniels (Arizona State) - 9,654 career passing yards, 122...
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    Maurer vs. Shrout vs. JG (merged)

    I counted somewhere between 15-20 starts. Sophomore and freshman seasons he started some, but was clearly in during garbage time for some games he played. For comparison, Josh Dobbs in 11 games as a senior (3,625 yards, 29 passing touchdowns, 10 rushing touchdowns) and Tyler Bray in 13 games as...
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    Maurer vs. Shrout vs. JG (merged)

    Maybe if that was his senior season line. Those are his four-year totals!
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    Maurer vs. Shrout vs. JG (merged)

    If he wasn't a productive quarterback against local Jimmy's and Joe's, how can we reasonably expect him to perform at a high level in the SEC?
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    Maurer vs. Shrout vs. JG (merged)

    It goes without saying that his No. 1 ranking was nonsense. But have a look at the statistics he posted in his high school career. At no point has Guarantano ever been a dominant quarterback. 1,400 yards, 11 touchdowns and 3 interceptions is his best EVER season. That's mediocre in modern...
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    '21 FL WR JoJo Blackmon

    Looks like Tennessee is the only offer for 2021 wide receiver JoJo Blackmon from Escambia High School according to 247 Sports. 5-10, 175 pounds. Here's a highlight from a 3-touchdown game he had against Panhandle power Crestview earlier this year.
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    ‘23 FL WR Raymond Cottrell

    Milton freshman wide receiver Raymond Cottrell caught his first career touchdown last night. Cottrell had Tennesssee and FSU offers without taking a varsity snap
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    Crompton speaks on Chaney

    Not making excuses because he was treated poorly by so many. For context, though, Crompton's 2008 season was one of the two most atrocious by a Tennessee starter in the previous two decades. It didn't help that he was a highly-touted national prospect and was the signal caller on the team that...
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    All-Decade Team

    A couple thoughts.... I would want Justin Hunter as the No. 1 wide receiver. Better receiving stats in 2012 and did so while recovering from that awful ACL injury. You only need one player from the last decade in the secondary. The great Rod Wilks.
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    2020 Lady Vols Softball

    I’m sure they’ll be Top 10-15 all year. Second or third best team in the conference. Lose inexplicably in the SEC Tourney. Bounce back to win Regionals. Play their asses off and lose to Alabama or Oklahoma in Supers. So it goes.
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    Final Super Regional Game

    Never going to happen with the Weekly’s unfortunately. Very good, not great. Year in and year out.
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    Derrick Walker

    All I can think of is Brian WIlliams when I see Derrick Walker. He will be a solid senior in a couple years.
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    Our offensive style doesn't match the players

    I love the idea of the offense we've tried to run this season, but does anyone else feel like our players are a total mismatch? Our offensive line is simply not going to get a push against SEC defensive lines like Pruitt wants when he calls power runs to convert short third downs. Jordan...
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    Swain-Griffith beef is a battle for the soul of Tennessee football

    This fella must be young and didn't get to experience Fulmer's reign of terror over Bama in the 90s and early 2000s. Bam will come back to Earth soon enough as all programs do eventually. Beating that ass will be a sweet, sweet day.
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    Swain-Griffith beef is a battle for the soul of Tennessee football

    Nah, we're not where we are today because we've been getting smacked by Bama every season for 10 years. Hire better coaches. Get better recruits and develop them into better players. To me, that would be better for the program.

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