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    Mullen fired at Florida

    Gruden to the swamp. Soon
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Kentucky

    Tennessee 42 Kentucky 28 Tiebreaker 247
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    Any updates on Milton’s Injury?

    Does anyone know what kind of injury he had?
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    Is it time to Schiano this thing or are we good with this?

    Burn the Mattresses or celebrate
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    White wanted a challenge...

    Because if Freeze isn’t given a second chance we don’t deserve one ourselves.
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    Jeff Fisher Has Been Contacted By Tennessee

    He was in the NFL for 22 years.He did more than cut it. You don’t last that long and not be a pretty good ball coach.
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    Basillo: Lane Kiffin wants to come home

    Lane Kiffin is pulling a Gundy. He’s just trying to get a pay raise from Ole Miss and for kicks he gets to stick it to us one more time.For everyone saying he’s matured now, You know he would have to leave Ole Miss after 1 season just like he did to us. Coincidentally, USC (His dream job) ran...
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    Who do we want for Head Coach

    Sorry everyone. I left off Tom Herman by mistake.
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    Who do we want for Head Coach

    Who’s our guy Vol Nation?
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    Fulmer: Do the Right Thing!

    Kinda funny how Fulmer and Pruitt got extensions and a raise and everyone else had to take a pay cut.🤔
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    When should we be hiring assistant coaches

    Regardless who gave it do you think it was deserved? Which schools have shown interest in Fulmer or Pruitt?
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    When should we be hiring assistant coaches

    Best response yet.It makes sense.If they find any wrongdoing by Pruitt he’s gone.No way you keep a coach who just went 3-7 and ran afoul of the NCAA.
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    When should we be hiring assistant coaches

    My gut says powers that be are not sastified with 3-7 and Fulmer giving the contract extension to Pruitt and himself before the season is a really bad look for him.He looks incompetent.I don’t think either deserved the extension and absolutely no one is calling trying to hire either of them...

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