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    ILB Competition Prediction

    If Beasley is the best option we have as a stater and not a reserve option we are in trouble. Let me be fair to the young man. Unless he has truly developed into a much better player.
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    2022 Depth Chart Speculation

    Well probably because he has been here 4 years and hasn't done anything but I hope he has a great season
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    2022 Depth Chart Speculation

    McCoy is coming off of a surgery so with only 5 weeks or so to play its possible
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    Tennessee will not win this game because of offense. If we get the win it will be because of the defense. We haven't been able to stop a running qb in years.
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    3 permanent rivals

    Alabama and Auburn are rivals
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    3 permanent rivals

    As a fan that's great as a coach or administrator that's the craziest thing in the world you could possibly ask for
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    Season tickets delivered?

    It's almost time
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    Glad It's Over

    This is over man the NCAA will most likely go after the coaches. This is a non issue and needs no attention what's so every.
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    Perfect response!

    How did this thread turn into a two page discussion about Kiffin
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    Josh Heupel at SECMD

    I believe he does but couldn't do anything to fix it last year. They have recruited well on defense and gotten several portal guys. We had no depth last year but should be better this season
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    Bradley now a 4 star

    Dead period aligns with sec media days
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    Bradley now a 4 star

    I think you're missing the point. How do you lose a star after committing to Tennessee when no football is being played and its the dead period
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    Bradley now a 4 star

    My point exactly how do you lose a star in the off-season
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    Bradley now a 4 star

    Our 5 star defensive end that hasn't played a down this year has been dropped to a 4 star.

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