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    “That ain’t my job, guys”.

    Fulmer is the CEO.
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    '21 TN OLB Junior Colson (Michigan commit)

    👀👀👀👀 see I can do it too. It doesn’t mean anything. 🦄🦄🦄🦄👿👿👿🔥🔥🔥🐫🐫. Hopefully this time he is right.
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    Get Joe Osovet involved in playcalling?

    Paper, rock, scissors, every play who ever wins that’s the play call.
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    What is everyone's opinion

    I still think Pruitt is going to be fine. Remember it took Dabo about 6-7 years to get it rolling at Clemson.
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    Tennessee defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh out after just four games

    Has anyone seen the office episode when Michael was suppose to fire Creed but Creed talks him out of it and he fires the other guy instead? I feel like this is what happened here. Pruitt was suppose to fire Weinke or Friend and they convinced him to fire Brumbaugh instead.
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    Offensive Line stinks

    Ya our line isn’t as good as everyone has been saying but Georgia’s dline is the real deal. Cade has played terrible so far. Morris looks slow.
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    ***Breaking News 9/30*** Cade Mays CLEARED by SEC to play immediately

    What is that douche nozzle Ray saying? You know the crazy Georgia guy... rise above hate all that.
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    Gameday parking for UT is going to be a cluster...

    Park downtown behind downtown grill and brewery. It’s free and ride the trolley down. Seven buck to and from.
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    3rd Down Play Calling Horrendous

    The biggest problem I have with the third down play calling is there was a couple times it was third and about three or four, and we threw the ball. The best player on our team is a future first round pick at guard. You run the ball right up his backside in those situations. If you don’t get it...
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    '21 TN OL William Parker (Tennessee commit)

    Boom!!!!! Won’t lie he had me scared for a minute.
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    '22 TX TE Donovan Green

    I know it’s a big deal and if I was a recruit I would like to see who reaches out first myself. I’m saying can’t the NCAA say something like you can’t reach out until at least seven in the morning. Coaches want these athletes taking care of themselves right? Then let them sleep and recover.
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    '22 TX TE Donovan Green

    I know recruiting is a big deal but the only person that should text my son at midnight is me wondering why his ass ain’t home. I mean can they not push it the time coaches can text till like 7a.m?
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    Cade Mays waiver denied

    The family is not hurting for money I can guarantee that.
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    Cade Mays waiver denied

    His lawyer dismissed himself from Cade because he started doing consulting work for the NCAA and it was a conflict of interest. Before he left he thought Cades case was a slam dunk and said Tennessee was the best in the business at handling transfer request.

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