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    Information needed [injury updates?]

    Pretty amazing how locked down injuries are at UT these days. It seems, unless there's a season ending surgery, players are day to day. Coaches aren't talking, players aren't talking and parents aren't talking.
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    Favorite alcoholic beverage

    Use Stevia in place of sugar, and you can have zero carbs too. Same drink with none of the bad stuff.
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    What are other message boards saying?

    Good luck, very little available when I looked.
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    Run on Vol Merchandise

    I usually cut through that section as a shortcut to the exit, but there were way too many people and carts.
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    Run on Vol Merchandise

    Ammo stock is better than most others around here. Prices on stuff I normally buy seem 10-20% above prepandemic. I've never been carded there. They had a good supply of 9mm and .45 ACP. I was looking for some 130 grain .270 ammo, but no luck.
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    Run on Vol Merchandise

    Nothing like a blowout win to turn Jackson, TN orange. First noticed in Kroger yesterday when it appeared half the people had on something Vol. A few minutes ago I went by Academy to check ammo, and the UT merchandise section was absolutely loaded with people loading up shopping carts. Made me...
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    Fans in black too?

    Is it twoo what they say about...
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    What is your level of interest (enthusiasm) for Florida game?

    Interested enough I checked the game time. Supposed to be beautiful here, and we'll be at the lake. I'll hunt in the morning, and wife and I will crappie fish in the afternoon. With a 6pm start, we'll probably get in late 2nd quarter. I'll have been keeping up via phone and will decide whether...
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    The reality of our program

    Not my tickets, or I'd happily give them to another fan. Obviously our opinion of the product is just that...opinion. I consider it mediocre to poor at this point, and the fact I'd consider six wins overachieving this year puts the team squarely in that category. I don't blame the current...
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    Looks like we will have a really successful and fulfilling season

    Six wins, to me, would be an impressive season for staff and players. I just don't see it for myriad reasons, but I'd be very happy if it happens. Such a season would have me far more hopeful heading toward singing day.
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    The reality of our program

    LOL, cool story. A front running loser would switch fandom to a front running team. As a fan, it's Vol or nothing for me. If I buy a product which fails and isn't supported by the manufacturer, I stop buying from that manufacturer. UT has put out a failing product for much of the last 13 years...
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    The reality of our program

    If I'm around a television I'll watch, but I haven't even looked at time and channel. I'm not mad, and I'm not calling for the coach to be fired. I'm just tired of spending the only thing I truly own, my time, watching a mediocre to bad product and getting no excitement or joy from it. I've been...
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    The reality of our program

    I'm 53 and have been a fan of no team not named Volunteers for the entire time. I'm still a fan, but my interest is pretty casual now. I haven't dug out a UT cap or put the flag on my truck this year, and I probably won't. I watched the first game because it was at a convenient time. I may watch...

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