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    Worst basketball team since

    They lost 3 players to the NBA in one year. When has that ever happened at Tennessee? Not really a program built for that just yet. Young team and needs a rebuild year. Losing Bone and Turner really hurts. Saying no talent is a bit of a stretch....but people always got to compare and complain...
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    Harrison Bailey in the Geico State Championship Bowl in Las Vegas

    I think he is already 6’5” and about 230lbs....he’s big enough for the SEC now
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    Something missing (shocking) from ESPN Rivalry Week article

    We didn’t care about it until recently. It’s not a rivalry. Shouldn’t be anyway....
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    yep. Sometimes you gotta let em know they ain’t all that...
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    FSU fires Taggert. Any recruits we can poach?

    Getting by? I don’t think taking Alabama to the woodshed is getting by regardless of how tough their conference schedule (which they have no control of) might or might not be. Oh wait Alabama was tired from their not that tough schedule. Is that you Finebaum..?
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    No respect from Finebaum today

    That’s about as backwoods as it gets. About...but all the way
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    Coach Doug Mathews on now

    Yeah that one......WTF
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    Did he change the play?

    They score. It’s an 8 point game. Bama can’t move the ball. We get lucky and have a chance to win. That’s why it matters. AL 100% sold inside. RB walks in off the edge
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    Bench JG for rest of season! [JG drama, merged]

    It looked like he said “nobody told you to do that you asshat”
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    The Official Tennessee @ #1 Alabama Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    That was a run to the outside...JG is a stooge
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    The Official Tennessee @ #1 Alabama Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Those flashing redneck meth party lights ought to be banned by the SEC. How much more annoying can a stadium full of crazed Alabama fans have to be...
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    Brian Maurer starting against UGA

    Oh don’t get me wrong I think he should play. I’m just not thinking he will make a huge instant impact or change in the overall result....until he does.
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    Fulmer Backs Pruitt

    Ok man. Size and strength doesn’t matter. I’m not saying it’s the ONLY thing that matters but it does matter. I get it. You want to fire the coach...
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    Fulmer Backs Pruitt

    It affects whether or not you can move the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball and whether or not you get manhandled or is that just a matter of lining up right?
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    Brian Maurer starting against UGA

    Most likely he will play like a freshman but then again so does JG so might was well give the fans what they want...

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