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    The Last Days Of The Trump Presidency

    I think he should quit and go to Florida and fall out of a chair like Michael Corleone at the end of Godfather III. Fitting end.
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    Genius of Fulmer?

    Yeah because I hear he is quite the chess player always several moves ahead of the other guy
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    Jeff Fisher comments on interest in the UT job

    Just hire Gus and get it over with
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    JG to Washington State

    Pretty good
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    Jimmy Dykes

    K-Pop works
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    Jimmy Dykes

    Ha yeah I do but that haircut is 100% euro pop..
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    The Culture of Firing - when it’s wrong

    Yeah I’m just saying that the model should change to paying more per year and a lot less buyout. It should not cost millions to get rid of a failing coach. Has to be a better way. And the big buyout is not going to stop them from leaving if they want a better job
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    The Culture of Firing - when it’s wrong

    Maybe but if they were going to make 4-5 million per year just no buyout why not take it. A lot more than they were making as an assistant or coach at a small school. I’m not talking about proven winners. I’m talking about people like Pruitt and the many others like him..
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    The Culture of Firing - when it’s wrong

    My opinion is that buyouts to crapshoot coaches need to stop. Give me an up and coming coach that says give me a buyout once I prove I can win in the big leagues. Should not cost $10 mil to get rid of a failure
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    Jimmy Dykes

    Bailey probably the most active but Euro cost us at key moments with futile drives sort of to the basket when he could have passed it
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    Jimmy Dykes

    Yeah but Euro Pop PG needs to realize he’s not Jordan Bone. Just shoot clean 3‘a and don’t turn it over
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    Sark to Texas

    Maybe he doesn’t want the pressure of HC
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    Kiffin signs new contract extension with Ole Miss

    Would anyone really even want the Lane Kiffin that was again willing to ditch a job after one year?
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    @Missouri 12/30/2020 (Final: TN 73, MO 53)

    Probably better than that...
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    @Missouri 12/30/2020 (Final: TN 73, MO 53)

    He’s a freshman during a pandemic

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