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    UT now 9th in all time wins

    Soon to be 4th in the SEC
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    Suggested Portal Rule Change

    Here's a more sensible rule change. A player that transfers must forego any NIL deals for one year.
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    south florida beats oregon 71 -62 south florida no cupcake

    Small school? USF is bigger than UT
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    Orgeron gone at season’s end

    Well, then, I think I can see how Ole Miss fixes their defense
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    Here is why I think Vols beat Ole Miss

    There's always more pressure to win at Tennessee than there is at Ole Miss
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    Weather for Ole Miss

    The plants.
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    Josh Heupel Monday press conference: Ole Miss week

    "Our fans need to make it loud and make it uncomfortable for them."
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    CJH > Kiffin

    Listen, 53 points against arky > 45 against usc
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    What is your level of interest (enthusiasm) for Florida game?

    I'm a fan. I literally don't understand any response other than WGWTMFA
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    Don’t fall for the Gator hype yet..

    Do you know how to get hookers running? Nevermind...
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    Velus "Krystal" Jones

    I mean, where do you go from here? Isn't this the absolute apex?

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