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    Big commit! Boom!

    He’s gonna be like Luke Kuechly
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    Kennedy Chandler's future? [drafted No.38 to Memphis]

    I think Memphis was gonna get KC no matter what. Hometown kids will be better at succeeding as rookies because of the familiarity and comfort zone. That’s the vibe I’m getting
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    Expectations next year?

    I’ll be first to let you know I don’t really follow baseball in general. But obviously being a Vol fan I try to keep up with what happening. LAST year I guess the hype started and continued to roll through this entire season. For the baseball guys , can TN consistently be a top 10 team year in...
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    '22 NY PF Tobe Awaka (Tennessee commit)

    I really like this guy. Seems pretty patient with the ball and makes good decisions
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    Brandon Huntley-Hatfield enters the transfer portal

    I’m wondering if he was influenced by any friends in 2022 class. He re-classified to be here. Maybe he wants a re-do in the recruitment
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    Chandler Going Pro

    Chandler seems like a player you get and build a roster/offensive scheme around.
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    Is the Portal good for us?

    I always feel like Rick Barnes is good at developing/improving players. Now with players jumping in and out, do you think it helps or hurts the program?
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    That was the FT stat line for KY. The refs called too many fouls against us. We cut those numbers in half and we would’ve still had a chance to keep it closer
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    What happened to Chandler's Mojo?

    I think his “recruiting ranking” got to his head and he tries to over do it, which would lead to a turn over, miss shot, etc. I think he needs to relax and let the game come to him. His passing needs more work than anything.
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    TN will be Transfer Portal City

    In my opinion, we gotta have more stamina than anything else. More snaps will mean more injuries. Also, because of our Hurry Up Offense, we don’t sub that much. Our starters will get way more “snaps” on an average offensive position. It’s like basketball, where they won’t sub unless it’s a...
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    more covid discussion from the basketball thread

    Sure.. but you can say 10% effective and that statement is true
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    more covid discussion from the basketball thread

    Nobody is trying to get COVID. I believe that the vaccines only work for about 4-5 months and reinfection occurs more frequently than people realize. They might term “ Full vaccinated people” by having 2 shots plus booster
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    ‘23 CA Bronny James

    Why would he go to college? He would go oversees or G League
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    NIL will kill the NFL

    I’m sure in a year or so , they’ll be fees and some sort of tax. Players might not want to get in that NIL until they get to NFL
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    Riley to USC…the inevitable Josh Heupel to OU freak out thread

    Dan Mullen will go to Oklahoma . Book it

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