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    Maurer takes over at some point this season

    Are you KIDDING???? Hell no!!! NFL DL will destroy his ass if he goes pro in 2020. He’s nowhere close to being ready. Get off the drugs!!!!
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    Pruitt calls out Tennessee's O-line, demands summer step-up

    Guarantano won’t last another whole season. Pruitt needs to open the QB competition to see who might give us the best chance to win games. If JG starts all season we won’t win but 6 maybe 7. If Maurer is given a shot or a other back up comes up and shines we might win 7-8 if we got lucky. The OL...
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    Statement from Fulmer.

    So with incentives it goes over $5 million a year?? If that 4.7 includes incentives then wouldn’t you think Rick got a raw deal?? Curious...
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    Give Barnes a Lifetime contract!!!

    Barnes is STAYING!!!!!!???
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    If Coach Barnes leaves for UCLA....

    I can see Billy Donovan heading back to college before his coaching days are done. He will be at OKC another 2-3 years tops and he’s gone. Westbrick gonna drive him out lol
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    Rick Barnes has emerged as a serious candidate the for UCLA job, reportedly has interviewed

    If Barnes were to leave you can forget about TN making the 64 next year almost guaranteed. They would be lucky to go 16-15 or something like that. Players will leave and its back to the cellar again....
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    Tennessee is a 4 seed in ESPN mock football tournament

    If D-1 ever did do a 64 team playoff they would have to start the playoffs the first weekend in Dec to have the NC played little after New Years...probably will never happen but the playoffs need to change. Start with 8 and slowly expand until they have 16. That would be enough would you think...
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    Will the Vols really be in the top 25 next year?

    Even if we get lucky to see 8-4 the best we likely will be ranked is 24 or will be a few years of 8-9 win seasons to start climbing the polls..
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    UT jersey retirement requirements

    Got a new coach for next year. Question is who will it be??? But the sad thing is the final piece to the Summitt era is finally gone...after 45
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    Will the Vols really be in the top 25 next year?

    If this team can’t win at minimum 7 next year then something is very very wrong!!! Most fans likely will give him till after the 2020 season before giving their overall assessment of Pruitt. I’m giving him at least that long myself....
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    We need UT football back in the worst way

    7 wins maybe 8 if they play the cards right. If the team stays relatively healthy 7 wins isn’t out of the question. If they win 8 next year I’ll be really surprised in a great way!!! Just imagine a 9-4 record in Pruitt’s 2nd season what they would do for recruiting?? Easily top 5 class in 2020....
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    The Official #2 Tennessee vs. #3 Purdue NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, TBS

    Well it’s on to football in 5 months. Basketball is over....keep your heads up guys!!! Great season!!!

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