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    '22 OH QB Drew Allar

    I know the Volnation thing to do is say “we didn’t want the other guys, this new guy is the best”, but after watching Allar’s film, he’s legitimately better than Simpson and Horn. I don't know what level of competition he plays against, but he was looking the D off, throwing to his 2nd, 3rd...
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    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson (Alabama commit)

    I think one of the biggest reasons Ty is so important is more due to his relationships with the other 22’ in-state kids. You get Ty onboard early and it really increases your chance with the others.
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    Matt House as DC (KC Chiefs)

    Could we be waiting on Matt House?........ Yes, we could be
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    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    Hahaha! Touché! I was simply referring to the fact that it is a talk forum for their team as Volnation is for ours. Definitely was not not comparing the quality of said sites. Freak definitely has the market on that. And if a suspension is required, I will accept the punishment, but...
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    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    Clemson’s version of Volnation
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    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    Sorry if already posted, but according to a senior editor of Tigernet all the TE talk is a ruse.
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    Thoughts on Kevin Steele and Jeff Lebby?

    I would definitely hope this is not the first option, but Steele has a good track record in many different stops and we all saw what Lebby can do with lesser talent in the SEC. if that’s the floor of this hiring process, I have a hard time being too upset. I’m still hoping for Matt Campbell...
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    Thoughts on Kevin Steele and Jeff Lebby?

    It has been said by the talking heads that IF Steele were to get the job he would bring Lebby along as the OC. One would assume if Steele gets the job Garner would join him. I’m not saying I would necessarily be for it, but it is intriguing to think about a solid defensive staff (both on field...
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    '20 DC WR Rakim Jarrett (Maryland signee)

    Yea, 1200 yards, 11 touchdowns and a 15 yard avg sucks! Especially as a freshman and sophomore. What a bust! (Blue font)
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    '19 GA WR Jadon Haselwood (Oklahoma commit)

    Where is Jennings going? Too much heart to transfer, and while I love watching him play, he’s not on anybody’s draft board at all.
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    Sark hire would have a LARGE impact on recruiting

    First of all, there has never credible information that Pruitt wanted Freeze. There were a bunch of random reports from people who were guessing. Second, there was also never any credible information that Fulmer stopped anything. Furthermore, if the fact that reports were out that at least 3...
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    John Brice lists other candidates

    I love how less than a year ago, Fulmer was our saving grace. Thank God somebody who loves UT is finally back in charge. Now, less than a year later, we don’t get the coach we wanted (for a number of unconfirmed reasons) and Fulmer is the sole reason and he needs to go. First of all, nobody...
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    Turner not playing?

    Glad to hear he’s going to make sure Turner is 💯 before he comes back. If this team hopes to make a deep run this year, Bowden and Turner will be very key pieces to that. Thanks for the updates guys!
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    Turner not playing?

    Sorry if this has been discussed, but I just noticed Turner didn’t play yesterday. I didn’t get to watch the game and was looking through the box score and stats this morning. Did Barnes keep him out due to his shoulder (injury or continued recover) or is it because he has not been producing?
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    Pruitt has met with Freeze about OC position (Price)

    I can’t disagree with that

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