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    The 4th and 3 that UT failed to pick up at the end...

    they shouldn't have run the option play there... but Hooker was hurting so too risky
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    Tim Banks

    do I wish our D played better...yes do I think another coach would create a different outcome with the roster we have... not really while our pass D sucks, our run D and pressure on the QB has greatly improved this year IMO Florida's defense is worse than ours. As long as our offense is...
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    And just like that, the LSU excuses have already started

    I am hoping for a night game there... but if on CBS it'll be 3:30 right?
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    LSU is a Nooner

    Georgia is the new Bama didn't you hear? lol
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    LSU game predictions

    this is best case scenario for us... we DO NOT want a night game there... LSU will be less noisy at 11am and energetic for sure
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    LSU game predictions

    I think this game will be tougher than Kentucky
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    SEC Shorts - Tennessee Crashes the Top 10 Meeting

    ask me how many times we punted... lol
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    Feels like the biggest win in 20 years

    It feels good. Are we back? Depends on the definition but we are definitely back on track. The culture has changed and our kids play hard. Keep recruiting and building and who knows what the next few years may become
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    Here is reality. We let UF put up 600 yards….

    Exactly. Would love to clean up the D and blow people out but when it comes down to it….just win
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    The Official #11 Tennessee vs. #20 Florida Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    If we lose this is all on Heupel and clock management
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    The Official #11 Tennessee vs. #20 Florida Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    Gary still rooting for Florida Game comes down to an onside kick. My god

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