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    SEC Hoops Jobs Ranked by Coaches

    when 13 years ago is "recent" we have issues.
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    Irony in Starting Beer Sales in Game Against BYU

    Their religion is quite a bit more strict as well, so the men are often the actual "head of households" and when they say something the woman does it or else. Pretty easy to control anyone when you claim your deity lets you do or punish them as you see fit.
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    TOM BRADY > PEYTON MANNING. Who had the better career?

    Not been here in months and the first thread I open ends with someone defending the patriots system (which is a system, as we have seen literally several times now when Brady gets replaced by random Joe #46 and they still do just fine, or in Cassel's case break records) by trying to quote...
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    Cuonzo supporters put to rest

    From a pure talent perspective this team isn't even as good as those either. This team just busts their ass and gets better through hard work. If Grant and Admiral had the sheer talent some of those other dudes had they would be surefire 1st rounders and about 4 inches each taller.
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    KY Forum's take on UT/GA blowout, Crean and Barnes

    I'm not an MJ hater, by any means. He's the 2nd or 3rd best player all time. Try polling the ages of the people disagreeing and youll get your answer (and itll be very douchey, in parentheses, becuse you apparantly don't even know the plural of the word pretending to be smart.) People don't...
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    BTO’s Missouri postgame report

    If you think saying the most watched regular season college basketball game of all time likely won't be topped is "miserable" then you are going to have a very rough life. It doesn't degrade what happens now, it's saying "You can't reall beat #1 vs #2, in state, only real game on for the whole...
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    BTO’s Missouri postgame report

    I'd still much rather play this team than a healthy 2008 squad. This team plays well together and is supremely good. That team played well together and had all time great talent on top of guys who were just as tough as Admiral or Williams (and anyone who thinks otherwise can go get a few chemo...
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    KY Forum's take on UT/GA blowout, Crean and Barnes

    Figured out? No. But having been a college athlete, and having many friends who still are in all levels, it doesn't take much to realize who understands it and who doesn't. No different than people thinking marijuana is "bad" because they were told so by big companies back in the 50s, people of...
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    KY Forum's take on UT/GA blowout, Crean and Barnes

    I've watched and studied more basketball than the average person has spent studying for a masters degree, and ive written on Jordan before. Try these stats on for size (and unlike you, I don't have to cite someone else) Jordan never won a playoff series without Pippen, Onle won one playoff GAME...
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    KY Forum's take on UT/GA blowout, Crean and Barnes

    The hilarity is your attempt at being facetious underscores how little you understand about college athletics as a whole. Try watching the Crack Baby Athletic Association for a dumbed down so simple even bias fools can get it version of just how it really works. The reality is, a very large...
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    More positive Press for Williams - NBC Sports

    He's really not, and its not that close. Durant also is in a vastly different situation than King that benefits him. He went from one super team (Harden, Westbrook, Ibaka, then just Westbrook being a literal statistical anomaly) to another. He's honestly never even been the best player on his...
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    The only Poll that has had us at #1 consistently

    A second number typically is a handicap, but thats usually only in european betting, but usually thats several handicaps not just one. I'm actually curious myself now what it is.
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    Admiral up to #22 on NBA draft board

    You don't really think catching a pass and learning how to use your natural physical abilites = Schofield essentially becoming a lesser greek god physically on top of adding one of the most lethal all around offensive games in the conference? Alexander is great, but he was a potental draft pick...
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    The only Poll that has had us at #1 consistently

    I'm normally not one to link polls just because they praise us but this article today by Garry parrish had a stat that just blew my mind because I hadn't considered it (and the fact he updates his poll every day there are games is impressive to me) For those who don't want to click he opens by...
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    Next Year’s Men’s Basketball Team Discussion

    I'd love to see it. Neither will happen. Admiral has the best shot though if he continues to shoot and average near 20.

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