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    ‘23 NC PG Aden Holloway

    If it’s true, yes. But it’s pretty much a rumor at this point. Though, it would make sense.
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    ‘23 NC PG Aden Holloway

    Wonder if Holloway all of a sudden swinging towards Auburn has anything to do with Danny White allegedly telling UT coaches to “cool it” with Spyre?
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    BasketVols in the NBA

    I doubt it, but he could possibly impress some other teams and earn himself a training camp spot.
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    BasketVols in the NBA

    Jordan Bone will be a member of the Celtics summer league team.
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    Kennedy Chandler's future? [drafted No.38 to Memphis]

    I think Sharife Cooper is a fair comparison for Chandler. Cooper was drafted. At 48, and spent most of the season in G-league. Much like Chandler, I thought Cooper at 48 was a steal. They both should be able to carve roles In the league within three years.
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    Country music thread

    My god, I have to go to this.
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    The Southern Rock appreciation thread

    Blackberry Smoke is great.
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    Country music thread

    Y’all will probably find this sacrilegious, but I get AA vibes from them.
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    Country music thread

    Yeah, I agree.
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    They could not had been more wrong, either!
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    Country music thread

    Admittedly, I liked Warren at first. I was wrong. This is gold 😂 Johnny Frank Widner on TikTok
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    2023 Target List

    Eh, we needed a shot blocker. We took the most needed position. I would’ve been fine with either though.
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    ‘23 ESPN mock draft has Julian Phillips at No. 17 overall

    That’s future Oklahoma City Thunder Victor Wembanyama, btw.

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