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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    You aren’t wrong. Every game he coaches, the further the program goes down the drain.
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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    BHH gotta be regretting his decision. Kenny Payne in way over his head. He isn’t gonna get development there.
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    And Barnes sees it and addresses it

    The lineups on the court aren’t meshing together right now, especially offensively. Josiah being out for extended period of time didn’t help with that either. Tonight in the second half looked better tho. Also not being able to get Yuri Collins or Tyrese Hunter is gonna be felt all season.
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    Thoughts after game 1?

    We played pretty vanilla. I wouldn’t put that much stock from this game.Burrell worries more than anything. Dline worries me some, but did get more of a rush after they settled in. Juwan Mitchell and Dee Williams will be needed. Overall, big difference in the first game this year to last year.
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    2022 NASCAR Pick-Em: Coke Zero Sugar 400 (Daytona)

    24 9 99 8 23 34 28th
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    2022 NASCAR Pick-Em: FireKeepers Casino 400 (Michigan)

    5 24 4 8 23 41 25th
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    2022 NASCAR Pick-Em: Ambetter 301 (New Hampshire)

    9 18 8 14 16 23 7th
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    2022 NASCAR Pick-Em: Quaker State 400 (Atlanta)

    1 24 99 45 23 47 23rd
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    2022 NASCAR Pick-Em: Kwik Trip 250 (Road America)

    9 5 8 14 34 41 13th
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    Expectations next year?

    Time to revisit this. Starting Rotation: Burns, Beam, Dollander Bullpen: Halvosern,Joyce,Kirby, Evans, Mabrey, McLaughlin, prob juco guys, Zechrist 3rd: Denton SS: Ahuna 2B: Moore 1st: Burke C: Dickey/Austin peay transfer Dh: Prob rotation of Dickey, Backus, Tears Outfielders: Stephenson...
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    2022 NASCAR Pick-Em: Ally 400 (Nashville)

    1 5 8 16 23 47 27th

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