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    Radio silence on Kumar Rocker

    How is this going to go against Corbin? He never threw more than 117 pitches. He pitched 122 innings in 20 games. That is 6 1/3 per start. Cheeze threw 103 innings in 17 starts. That is 6.1/3 per start. Ty Madden threw 113.2/3 in 18 starts which is a higher pace. No one even knows if he is...
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    Projecting the 2022 lineup

    How does Lipcius have another year left? D1baseball is showing he has played 5 seasons with 2020 not counting. But that is still 4 seasons.
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    West Virginia transfer C - Matt McCormick (Vol)

    What your son's friend did not tell you was that he played first base last year and was the 3rd catcher on the team. Don't expect much defensively.
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    (Updated 7/13) 2021 MLB Draft and Roster Management Discussion Thread

    Wow, thought that dude was a Senior this past season. I sure hope all these transfers don't screw with the chemistry. All the talent in the world don't mean shizz if their is no chemistry. See UCLA, Louisville, and South Carolina who both had a ton of guys drafted but could not win.
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    Chase Burns Enrolling

    Not if he does not get drafted in the first 10 rounds. After 10 all the teams have is leftover money. No way this kid signs for less than first round money. He is coming to school.
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    Well now it’s for all the marbles in Omaha

    Vandy is done. That offense is dead. Their only hope is a Rocker shutout.
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    Missouri Transfer RHP Commits to Vols

    Sorry, but to an 18 year old kid that is life changing money. Unless he was born with a silver spoon up his butt.
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    Who will come back?

    So we have all these scholarships and grants and we complain about Vandy? That school costs 3 or 4 times or more what it costs to go here. Also, we have been bringing in 25 to 35 new kids every year and then weed them out in the fall. Basically holding tryout camps. Vandy can not do that due to...
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    Anyone but Vandy…

    MSU's fanbase is worse than Vandy's. They clank those damn cow bells and act like they are the shizz. Funny since they have not won a title in anything......EVER. F them go Texas.
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    Ole Miss extends Bianco. Mark him off LSU's list. Not liking this at all

    A lot of internet chatter that Vitello has become target number 1. I am not liking this at all. Seeing a lot of places say it is down to someone at Omaha. Corbin, Vitello and Johnson. I see no conceivable way Corbin leaves Vandy. So it is basically Johnson and Vitello. Don't like those odds.
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    Down goes Arkansas

    Oh yeah, toughest threat gone. Its ours to lose now. WE WILL WIN THE NATTY!!!!
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    Omaha will be at least 50% SEC

    Our path to the Natty just got easier. They werre the only threat in my opinion. WE WILL WIN THE NATTY!!!!!!!
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    Pick'em - LSU - Super Regional

    2 and 0 Double. We winning the natty!!!

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