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    4 once our AD is ahead of the game

    The fan base is responsible for running coaches off because they sucked? Hahaha!! And coach Buzz Cut was a Loser with a capital L.
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    Riley taking his cruits with him

    Hahahaha!! It's like deja vu all over again but it's not us this time hahaha!!
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    LSU targeting Brian Kelly (per The Athletic)

    I wonder why the media and everyone is handwringing over him leaving ND so soon. This is what college football is and what most people wanted it to be.
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    Latest update on Josh Heupel's status

    I like how Heup always ends sideline interviews with GBO!
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    Why do our fans seem to want somebody on the team to fail? Wtf? It was a bad hand off. It happens. I hope we're deep at QB next season. I hope Hooker comes back and balls out.. ..but I hope we're deep regardless.
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    The Iron Bowl: #3 Alabama (10-1) vs Auburn (6-5) (3:30PM ET, CBS)

    Georgia better show up and not pay attention to the hype. Sounds a lot like what everybody thought about Auburn tonight.
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    The Iron Bowl: #3 Alabama (10-1) vs Auburn (6-5) (3:30PM ET, CBS)

    An Auburn win tonight gets them tied with us at 38 victories each versus Alabama. Nobody else comes even close to that of course the past 15 years allowed Auburn to easily close the gap. I hate to see Alabama win but on the other hand it sucks seeing Auburn catch us here and soon UGA will too...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt Game Thread, 3:45 PM ET, SEC Network

    Did he say Clemson defense?
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    Suggested Portal Rule Change

    Nah, it'll work itself out. Coaches aren't required to stick to anything. Why should players have to? For most guys entering the portal they end up with no scholarship anywhere. What happened to us was due to circumstance. Any of our guys that hit the portal we didn't need them gtfo.
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    Suggested Portal Rule Change

    Why do people get all worked up and mad over kids entering the transfer portal? It's a free country unless you accept a scholarship somewhere? If they don't want to be on the team they ain't no good for the team, bye bye. If they won't take care of the academics, same. Most of these guys...
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    Crazy to think...if we beat Ole Miss

    The refs didn't cost us anything in the Ole Miss game. There's a lot of if's that are directly on the team for losing that. We can't seem to get a stop on 3rd long for anything. I could go on and on. Just play a complete game in all phases and win.
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    Freeze inks big new deal with Liberty.

    Well you just don't understand how Hugh Freeze or Lane Kiffin would be the greatest thing to ever happen to whatever school hires them next. They're right up there on Jon Gruden's level.
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    Eat at Mooyah, Support Players

    A sinking burning ship? Haha!! That would have been a fitting name for his burger had Pruitt been allowed to coach here another season and Hooker regressed. Fortunately that didn't happen!!
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    Coach Heupel's first year compared to other first year coaches

    Nobody had a roster anywhere near as thin as Heup. SEC COY in my book.
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    #21 Arkansas at #2 alabama

    I wish they would crack down on the little celebrations. It's stupid.

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