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    Bernard King's first college game. Who remembers? Where were you?

    I was fortunate enough to be at the game. Grunfeld missed the first several games with a broken arm and King was a dominant player.
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    7’1” 240lb Uros Plavsic will be a Vol (reportedly)

    Doug Ashworth was the center in King’s freshman and sophomore seasons.
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    BTO’s Auburn’s SECT edition postgame report

    I don’t think any defensive gameplan would have worked with the effort we gave today. This team played valiantly yesterday and mailed it in today.
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    Vols back to a #1 seed in ESPNs bracketology

    Whose zone has Tennessee struggled against? This team attacks a zone defense better than any Tennessee team I have watched in the 50 years following the team. This team struggles to play zone defense.
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    Our biggest need for bball vols?

    Bone is a slasher who is afraid to slash. Very few guards can stop him one on one because of his speed. He has been a slow learner in 2 seasons.
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    Lengthy Standing ovation!

    There are no NBA players on Loyola’s roster either. Today was a terrible effort to end a surprisingly good season.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread 50

    Thanks for keeping track and posting all of this info through the process.
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    Haslams are the Cancer.

    And you are naive.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLII

    Washington is not in the conference championship game—Stanford plays USC.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLII

    Might be 50,000 here.
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    Official Jon Gruden thread 32.

    That’s correct—it is a common practice for corporate aircraft.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread 31

    Jon Gruden thread (merged) Here is the first 2012 thread. Someone linked it earlier today.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread XXVII

    I keep reading it’s a good list. That’s the best list I have seen.:)
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    Another Butch Jones Quote - Shaking My Head

    5-3 and 4-4 SEC records are nothing to brag about the last 2 seasons.
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    9-1-16? (Vols' season opener moved to Thursday)

    The city is not "hosing the university"--the tax is paid by the ticket buyer. If anyone is getting hosed, it is the ticket buyer.

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