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    Who's looking for a home in Birmingham?

    My spouse and I are both retired, live in a rural area of Davidson Co with an adult disabled son. We now have a Republican congressman, Republican governor, legislature and Senators. We don't watch much local news since mostly negative. While the mayor and council whine they know voters don't...
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    More upgrades have officially started inside Neyland

    My father was one of the original grandfathered ticket holders in section E. He died in 2014 and my mother died in 2021 so the ending nor the move was not too much of a surprise. I had purchased 2 tickets of my own for several years in F. Moving to section D at the new price means I`ll only buy...
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    Gone but not forgotten: Knoxville area restaurants and retailers we miss.

    What memories and thanks for posting. My spouse had work scheduled in downtown Knoxville during the World's Fair, so a trip was planned including mother in law and close friend. We stayed at modular hotel that was very nice and walked over to Worlds Fair for the day and returned at night to...
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    Ga$ Prices

    At the Inglewood Kroger in Nashville, it's 4.04 today. No idea why it dropped a quarter.
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    Road Rage

    In Nashville yesterday afternoon on I65N at Trinity Lane (major interstate) 2 vehicles exchanging gunfire and another vehicle was hit including that driver. Fortunately he should be ok physically. This was all in moving traffic.
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    Social security benefits to increase almost 9%?

    The state retirement system in Tennessee limits COLA adjustments to no more than 3% per year. There is no such limit for feds.
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    Where was the Fur Coat/Hat for the HR?

    The donated fur coat that Uros wore also showed up at the Lady Vols game yesterday when a grand slam was hit. Thankfully the team was not prevented from celebrating on the field with the coat. Uros posted on Twitter.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs #24 Alabama Weekend Series Thread (Friday 6:30PM EST SEC NET+) (Saturday 6PM EST SEC NET+) (Sunday 1PM EST SEC NET+)

    Uros P is in the crowd with a donated fur coat and Daddy hat on. He was at game yesterday and sent out tweet asking for a donated fur coat to wear today
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    Ga$ Prices

    Kroger in Goodlettsville tn is now $3.79 gallon before discounts.
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    NCAAT Game Thread: Lady Vols vs Buffalo/Belmont

    Fulmer said the big lady vol donors said they wanted a former lady vol player.
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    The Official #3 Tennessee vs. #11 Michigan NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 5:50 PM ET, CBS

    Wonder what happens if you are taping the game and don't put in the times. Does the system automatically adjust.?
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    Any video of UT receiving the Trophy and cutting down the nets ?? Come on

    WATE TV has something posted on YouTube.
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    President Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

    It's $3.99 in the Nashville, Tn area as of yesterday.
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    Zakai's family

    It was mentioned by a reporter that the same thing could not have been done for JJJ last year due to NCAA rules in place at that time. While it was said he lost everything in his bedroom, don't know if house was a total loss. Hope they can all move to Knoxville and nephew can can get care thru...

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