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    Game Thread: SEC: Lady Vols v Wildcats

    The people involved in the hiring process absolutely do not think of getting a resurrected Pat, but the fans do. The fans want immediate Final Fours and championships; they want a program that always gets into the late stages of tournaments and wins! Some on here are already talking about...
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    Crystal Dangerfield

    Well, at least she's been in the hunt for a championship, she certainly wouldn't be staying in Tenn. and going to any of its schools! A good chance is better than none at all.
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    Russell Smith reporting Kellie Jolly-Harper has been hired

    This is from one of those fans that wanted Fulmer to go after Mulkey, or similar high-profile coach and get that ninth championship immediately...yeah, something very, very unrealistic. I just hope we see a more competitive product on the court, a team that plays the entire game and a coach that...
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    Melanie Balcomb will interview....

    They don't call them Cameron Crazies for nothing. Play at Duke, expect the most annoying home crowd ever!
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    Looking like KJH is the play

    I really like Gail, but I wouldn't want to come to Tenn. because a big chunk of the fans want an instant championship from whoever is the new coach.
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    Holly isn’t handling the termination well...

    So I guess Holly's "plan" was to not change anything, just get some new girls in, hope they could magically win, and then blame them when they don't produce. That's not new, it's been her plan since she took over!
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    Holly isn’t handling the termination well...

    Yeah she did, that's why they lost so much! Remember that game where she didn't talk to them at halftime and they came out, played good, and actually won!? Not sure which game that was, but it showed they were better off without hearing from her, ha!
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    Last Goodbye

    If she was the picture of grace, she would have resigned a few years ago after seeing she didn't have what it takes to lead this legendary program! If Fulmer had not fired her, she would have stayed on and continued her mediocre dismantling of the program.
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    Last Goodbye

    Nope. I'm not gonna wax poetic about Holly and she is certainly not some last link to Summitt and her legacy. This is not an end of an era, it's a happy beginning to hopefully building back up what Summitt built. Yeah, sure Warlick spent decades at UT, great she "bleeds" orange or whatever, but...
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    Male Coach for the Lady Vols

    I just want to see a competitive team on the floor, high energy, fun, player development and growth. I want to see someone on the sidelines who exude motivation for the players. I don't care what their gender is nor whether they once played for Tenn.
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    Kelley Jolly Harper - Lady Vols Coach

    From all the comments I've seen on here and elsewhere, whoever comes after Holly needs to be prepared to take a lot of knocks if they don't bring home a championship immediately or come close! And yes, this is all very unrealistic for a new coach, whoever they may be. I see too many wanting the...
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    Tony Basilio Tweet

    Her job is to continue growing their talent and potential! When they come out of high school, these girls are not a finished product, not by a long shot! Every coach, especially a good one, will tell you that and tell you they have a whole lot to learn! I've seen so many pro women players say...
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    Evina Comment

    Ok, they get a "real" pg, who's gonna teach them, develop them, grow their talent? These young women aren't coming out of high school fully developed to win championships! Man, I had a ton of respect and admiration for coach Summitt before, but now that I see her assistants were just seat...
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    Game Thread: UT-Lady Vols v UCLA NCAA 1st Round

    And then what, blame them for when the new season goes up in smoke cause of Holly's incompetence? I don't want to see Evina treated like other players have been in the past, specifically Diamond Deshields. Diamond is a great player; when she was at UNC, she was a true leader, a spark for...
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    Commentators on Holly

    Holly must have been daydreaming while she was sitting beside Pat cause she learned nothing from the Legend! I thought this team had it when they got up in the late second half, but once UCLA started to get momentum back, Holly didn't call crucial timeouts! She just let them play and it was...

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