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    Vols Themed Pet Names

    Got a dog named dobbsie after Josh Dobbs
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    Satisfied with coaching all year

    I believe he's the best we've had in a decade and heading in a great direction. Tonight was the first night I didn't understand at times. Pay enough to keep him here.
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    Satisfied with coaching all year

    I have been satisfied with our coaching all year long even during your losses I never thought that we were out coached. Tonight I thought several times coaching was off and play calling was not great.
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    Any Nashville Vols, I need parking help.

    Parking is everywhere downtown, but expect $20 min and around $40 max
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    Alontae Taylor meet and greet

    Dudes a winner
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    Alontae Taylor meet and greet

    Wonder if Arnie and him ever got that head stone. For those of you that do not know there was a guy who worked in the service dept was prank calling a salesman that went on for years and years. Got super personal and the tapes of these calls actually became quite famous and country music...
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    Alontae Taylor meet and greet

    Alontae Taylor will be at Al White Ford in Manchester TN tomorrow for a meet and greet from 12-2 if you're in middle TN it could be cool chance to meet deuce.
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    Brady Hoke and SDSU

    Michigan Fans still don't really hate him, just never could get over that hump
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    Come on Heup. 43-38-8

    No one has beaten Nick on a regular basis. Truthfully Saban is the 🐐, I don't like it but it is what it is.
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    Ramone Foster blasting the "Clawfense"

    Wasn't the whole issue that Fulmer was trying to hold on to the old school offense and somewhat handcuffed Clawson. Micro-managing at its worst given hindsight
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    Who started this out of control coaches contract spending?

    ESPN started this with the mega contracts. As long as they can sell ads to justify paying the football powers then it will continue. I know that Clay Travis speculated it was a giant entertainment bubble sometime back but it appears to continue growing at a massive rate and the schools will...
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    Alontae Taylor entering the draft, skipping the bowl game

    Get that money. Not like we're in the national title
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    Asking a favor

    Oh yeah 100% this site will react just like it always does, Calmly, with logic and reflection. Obviously this is how it will go down would you expect any different?

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