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    '21 FL ILB Terrence Lewis (Maryland commit)

    Literally everybody backed off because of character concerns. Or so the story goes.
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    '20 GA ATH Arik Gilbert (LSU commit)

    Vols QB wants former five-star teammate to join him at Tennessee Background for what’s happening right now.
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    '20 GA ATH Arik Gilbert (LSU commit)

    And had no spring or fall camp. Would’ve won the job if there was a fair competition.
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    '20 GA ATH Arik Gilbert (LSU commit)

    @Geaux_Vols with the classic retweet. Second time’s a charm?
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    '21 TN OLB Prince Kollie (Notre Dame commit)

    Don't understand what I'm missing here. Was he a monster on the camp circuit? Sort of seems like the guy I've been talking up over the years hoping he'd be good when he gets here. Granted, this is just JR year tape:
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    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington (Tennessee signee)

    Her Twitter is a wonderland.
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    '21 JUCO OLB Byron Young (Tennessee signee)

    I keep getting burned saying this, but the kid looks like he’s gonna be a beast.
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    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington (Tennessee signee)

    I’ve always thought he was a comparable talent to Pernell McPhee. Physical-wise, I mean. Got to work on the normal high school to college big man change of direction.
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    '21 NC OT Diego Pounds (UNC commit)

    Gotta be a story here.
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    '21 TN OL Jmarion Jenkins-Gooch (Missouri commit)

    Meaning: good weight. Needs to continue to transition from a 365-pound blob to a healthy, flexible, 330-pound mauler like Darnell Wright.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Future VFL director as soon as his 19-year career at Tennessee is over.
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    '22 GA TE Bennett Christian (OSU commit)

    Nobody on the squad or committed has shown a darn thing. Probably the worst position on the team along with CB. Coach Oz has his work cut out for him. If he gets results on the field like Rocker did with the DL we shouldn’t be surprised that we’re stuffing the team with talent. Not getting a TE...
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    '21 AL TE Trinity Bell (Tennessee signee)

    I’m saying that when his wife says “you’ve had plenty” he thinks “I’ll have some more!” Anyways, I think it’s been so long since he’s had a Rivera or Stocker to work with he wants as much talent as he can get. And it’s really Pruitts call anyways. I think it’s inevitable he goes to the DL group.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Is 400 too hot? And do you mean that you’re one of those one-flip types?

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