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    Going to the UK game. Any advice?

    Okay so I live here in Lexington, it’s a great city. 1. Park at Glendover Elementary $10 (it’s a shortish walk through the arboretum and you’ll avoid traffic. 2. Places to eat (Ramsey’s, Carsons, Charlie Browns, Drakes) 3. Things to do (Buffalo Trace is about 30 min outside of town, tours are...
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    Hooker and cold weather

    SIAP Does this concern anyone, or just me? Cold Weather is Hendon Hooker's Achilles' Heel
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    Remaining Home Games

    Big shout out to @ALLVOL 4LIFE . Great tickets, everyone should take him up on this offer for rest of remaining games.
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    KNS Article about Evans availability Saturday. [team injury updates]

    Watch this spread increase like wildfire.
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    Remaining Home Games

    I’ll buy them. Email me at
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    Looking for 2 tickets Ole Miss

    Text me at with what ya got. Can Paypal.
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    Interesting article on Beamer’s UT ties

    Looks like John Chavis will be at the game this weekend too, maybe Beamer will bring him a coffee.
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    Interesting article on Beamer’s UT ties ***also anyone have a tailgate my wife and I can crash for Ole Miss game, let me know. I’ll bring plenty of drinks.
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    Evans “We’re gonna have some fun”

    I’m glad our guys have confidence.

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